Tuesday, February 23, 2010

weirdest group of people...ever...

so, the elle held their style awards in london this week and i have to say that this is a strange group of ladies... i suppose they are all known for their style...but...odd...
i love me some olsen twins, even if mary kate looks like she has had a facelift at 20-something. Ashley on the right is rocking the most beautiful christian lacriox. stunning!!! i even like red fur/feather/homeless person cape she's wearing in the middle. She's adorable, the neckline and the sleeves are just perfection. mary kate is predictable in her lanvin ensemble, but i ain't mad at her. 
okay, i get that she has great fashion, but will somebody please tell me why olivia palermo is invited to this thing? i totally must not be in the loop...because yeah...i'm at a loss. with that said i freaking love this outfit, her matthew williamson frock is just so girly i love the asymmetry of the sleeves and that belt is just perfect. plus, i am totally digging the orange clutch. still don't get why she's famous? 
my favorite angst ridden teen. oh, k.stew how i love thee? you gotta hand it to the girl, for someone who clearly couldn't give a shit, she looks amazing! i don't mean that in a bad way...fame is of no interest to her and that's fine, in fact i think it's awesome...i don't think actors need to be on all the time, she has been very clear of how grateful she is to have her job and that's all we need to know...moving on, this pucci dress is fabulous, i can't decide if i like the bodice or the skirt better...i would look good in this, just saying... 
it's the minogues? wait, who? kylie and danni minogue...um, locomotion...i can't get you out of my head...that's all i got. oh, she has a really perky ass!? ringing any bells? i'm assuming she is still very big in the uk? maybe? she is looking yawn-worthy in ysl and her preggers sister danni is wearing lisa ho...i totally couldn't tell she was with child, so is that considered a success? i don't know...they look like a bumble bee...i hope that wasn't planned. 
this is unfortunate...carey mulligan is sooooo cute and this is sooooo not. the outfit is the row and while i actually dig the pieces separately, together they make her look like a librarian and not a sexy one...a mean one that shushes you and hits you with rulers. that jacket would look fierce with some skinny jeans, a black tee, and some crazy wild gladiator sandals...soooo not good. 
this is gonna get me a lot of crap. like any good fashionista, i love emaciated alexa chung, but this chanel ensemble is disgusting! i'm soooo sorry, please don't pelt me with olives. this is a style awards show, glam it up a bit. wash your hair. she looks like a grandma, hell, nanny, my grandmother would be offended that i called this granny because she is one and would never wear this!!! this just doesn't work for me and since when do you carry full sized purses on the red carpet, what's in there? cigarettes and laxatives? eat a sandwich and put on a gown. this just isn't making me happy. 


  1. i totally agree with your assessments! especially the alexa judgement - she looks fantastic so often, but that blue shade doesn't suit her at all (not to mention the design and size of the bag, etc.).

    thanks for your comment earlier. :)

  2. It really does look like MK had a facelift! Great observation.

    Also, is it me or does Olivia Palermo look horribly uncomfortable on the red carpet?

  3. I agree with everything. Poor Carey just needs a stylist. She has so much potential.

  4. It is quite a weird bunch. I love AShley dress,Olivia Looks amazing (I think she's there because she works for Elle) and Kristen's dress is adorable. I do think that Alexa looks a complete mess (I've never really liked her style) I also think she really needs to eat something because those legs are scary.


  5. mary kate looks like she has had a facelift at 20-something

    Chances are she did.

  6. Interesting assessments but I actually prefer Alexa Chung and Carey Mulligan's outfits to the others.
    Both women seem fresh and individual and happy in their own skins.

  7. Thank you for your lovely comment!
    Good post and sometimes these famous people are a little bit odd, but I love Carey Mulligan's style!

  8. Kristen's dress really is young and refreshing, however, she is on a red carpet. Smile!
    And Alexa Chung does look like a granny hot mess. But her shoes are cute...if only they were with another outfit.


  9. Your thoughts are bang on and mirrored mine when I saw who was there - what.the.hell is alexa chung wearing!! Can you say grandma!?!

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  10. love the Olson twins! And I must out of the loop too, because i have no idea who olivia palermo is.



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