Thursday, February 04, 2010


so, this was one of the most yummy and delicious and satisfying breakfasts ever!!! oh my lord, sooooo good. i made a "traditional" english breakfast. now i have had a real english breakfast in england and wow, it was painful...I even had the vegetarian one and it was so heavy, albeit delicious. But this kind diet b-fast was tasty and filling, but amazingly you don't feel like you have a brick in your stomach. look even hammond wanted some!!!

what you will need for two:
1 bunch of kale
1 tomato
8 mushrooms
4 slices of crusty bread(we used ciabatta)
1 can of heinz vegetarian baked beans. (they have sugar, but are mad tasty)
butter (i use vegan butter, of course, earth balance taste the most like butter, but i also like smart balance light which is super tasty with a lot less calories)
*optional, ume vinegar for the's a macrobiotic vinegar made from a umeboshi plum, it is one of my new favorite condiments it tastes insanely good on all veggies, especially greens. you just splash a bit on after the veggie is done cooking.
by all means add bacon or sausage...i would prefer to keep it lighter, try vegan. tempeh bacon is super tasty, but field roast makes the most insanely good vegan sausage, even bo likes their products.

it's really easy to make, it just takes a few pans. here is a link to the recipe. I swear you will love it. oh, and i promise the exciting news as soon as it's really real ;)


  1. this looks fabulous :) and i love smart balance light!

  2. wow it looks so tasty :) I love vegetables!! It looks like you are so good for cooking :)

  3. Yummmyy..I've been into eating healthier lately. The main cook in my house is on vacation I can only rely on myself to feed me. I made myself an entire salmon last night with these same yummy vegetables you posted here. But I must try those beans!



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