Sunday, March 07, 2010

almost good...sooooo close.

these looks could have been great, but they are just destroyed by some minute little details, but come on that's where it's at! the details.
well, sandy bullock won an oscar! her speech had me in tears...i'm not sure if i agree with the choice, but she is a delightful human being and just deserves it. now, this marchesa dress... i want to love it, but i can't. the sleeves and the bodice are magnificent, but something about the wonky velour shiny skirt and the strange hair just bug me. so while i am so happy for her, i just can't love all. 
now, i love this strange chanel haute couture gown, the neckline is just amazing! it's so different and wild and sexy. the jewels are inane! the bracelets and the details along the neckline and back, I DIE!!!! so what you ask ruins this for me? well, do you see her insane nasty hair!? it's ridiculous. she looks a hot tranny mess... who let her leave the house like that? she has a freaking solar system on the back of her head. it's amazing she can even look forward. sjp, i'm not happy. 
gabby sidibe, the cutest, most talented young lady!!! also in marchesa, i think that this young lady rocked this gown... the color, sleeves, bodice, and skirt are just perfect on her, but...but... i am not digging the silver appliques. they seem so sporadic... i don't know, maybe more around the skirt or sleeve... i don't know, any ideas? i think she is brilliant and this is by far my fave from her during this award season. 
i'm not quite in love with this chick. amanda seyfried is freaking everywhere and i can't explain it, but i don't think i like her. she doesn't seem approachable, you know? like you wouldn't want to hang with her... maybe i am very wrong. this armani prive has some amazing details, but it's missing an it factor. her hair pulled back ages her a ton and her bracelets kind of look cheap...sorry, but they do! not the best, but the gown has an interesting something about it. 
jenny from the block is also in armani prive and looks better than she has in months!!! i don't mind the sillouhette on her, she gets this really edgy fresh hip ornament and still shows off her booty. the gown is still pretty boring, but what really does it for me is that hair!? what's going on? did she drive to the oscars with her head hanging out of the sunroof. flyaway, much? i am just bored. so freaking bored. damn you academy awards for ruining my favorite day with boring dresses. balls. 
whoa eyeliner! this gown is pretty fierce, even though it kinda swallows up teeny-tiny nicole richie. it's got that vintage boho vibe going on, super 70's and fablous...but why the freaking makeup overload!? and that hair...the flyaway baby hairs are just the pits. she seriously looks a thousand years old! she is so amazing, so this is just a freaking crying shame. 
eh? i know paula patton is still pregnant, but this carolina herrera is just so boring. the color is beautiful on her, but it's just missing something... maybe a crazy statement necklace or loads of bracelets. i shouldn't speak ill of the knocked, i don't want dr. jason sever's son, robin thicke, to torture me by singing in a vibrato for hours on end!!!! no please stop!!! too high!!!!


  1. Gabby was working that dress on the Red Carpet - I loved her excitement for wearing that dress that's she's had picked out forever. I loved how she called it Hollywood's prom.

    I don't know what was up with Sarah's face - on ABC, it looked like a really bad spray tan. It wasn't pretty at all...

    I've seen Sandy look better but it wasn't a stand out dress, at least, not for a now Oscar-winning actress :)

    And can someone explain what the heck Nicole Richie was doing there? Was she in "Precious" too? I feel like people who made me wonder why they were there were in that movie (e.g. Lenny Kravitz).

  2. hahahahaha! this whole post had me crying tears from laughing so hard. you have a great sense of humor and a great eye for detail!


  3. joel madden--- or whichever madden brother she is engaged to was the official like dj/musician for the commercial breaks. still really random. better her than miley cyrus.

  4. If SJP had a much more classy and cleaner hairstyle, it would have drastically changed my opinion of the dress. Bed head is cool if you're going to a concert, but not for the freaking Oscars. Sigh.

  5. I thought SJP looked great except for the spray on tan, like Gina said. When they first showed her on TV, I was like whoa! I didn't mind the solar system hair too much.



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