Sunday, March 07, 2010

been there, seen that...yawn.

so where are these peoples stylists? these dresses aren't bad, in fact, some of them are beautiful, but my lord haven't we seen them all before. i compiled some comparables for us to look at. try to stay awake while you read them.
okay, so demi moore is one of the most beautiful women breathing on this planet, she stunning and i wish she would tell us what work she has had done because i know that ain't natural. any who, this versace gown is okay, but as you can see penelope cruz, also in versace, did it much better at the 2007 oscars. plus demi's skirt is muuuuch less exciting... she looks like an old cha cha dancer...bore. 

now, lately i haven't loved much that penelope cruz has worn and as lindsay pointed out, at least she isn't wearing black, but this donna karan is basically a much less successful ballgown version of keira knightley's AH-mazing vera wang! nothing about cruz's gown seems's just so blah and where the devil is her jewelry! not impressed.

vera farmiga is a weird one and she has a weird taste in gowns... you got to hand it to her, she takes risks. but this is just well, weird. and this odd, sea creature marchesa gown is just not a flattering fact i don't know who this would actually look good on. in my mind it's a horrid version of camerion diaz's dior gown...diaz's accessories and stature really helps pull off such a big dress. it doesn't work for vera farmiga.

okay, i just doing freaking get it!!!! why is tina fey at the oscars!?!? boo! no. no. no. i realize that she is a talented writer, but i just don't get the hype. she always dresses a hot damn mess, so this micheal kors isn't so bad...IF it wasn't a head to toe knockoff of kate winslet's 2009 oscar ysl ensemble. i mean even the freaking hair is a copy...and it's just all so terribly bad. isn't she like insanely rich now!? hire a freaking stylist! hair, makeup, clothes. all of them. hmph.
elizabeth banks is as cute as pie...really. just adorable. but this versace is boring and her jewels are boring... and she has garnier-ed her hair to an odd unnatural blonde color...her makeup is the only great thing about this look. i mean she is lovely, but is basically wearing the dior by john galliano that charlize theron wore to the 2004 oscars. and guess what? it looked like crap then too! this just is the opposite of awesome... i don't get this cha cha thing... i didn't notice this trend on the fashion week runways!? did i just choose to ignore it!? well, it's heinous. 
now i love me some maggie gyllenhaal, but girl is nominated for an oscar and chooses to wear something that she has basically already worn before, it reminds me of a mix of the dries van noten on the left and my favorite lanvin on the right. not cool. she really does look great in this dries van noten, but i just kinda feel robbed. i mean you are nominated for a freaking oscar, you could wear anything! ANYTHING! so why would you choose something you have already done. eh...

sigourney weaver looks great. like super hot, ripley great. but she basically added a broach and a cheapo black ribbon belt to anne hathaway's marchesa... this just doesn't do a damn thing for me. and she is so hot that she could be so much more daring and this just makes me yawn and that belt just freaking kills me!!! terrible!!!! 

i love, love, love mariska hargitay, olivia benson is a bad ass! now, i am kinda confused on way she is at the oscars, but because i love her so very much i will leave that alone. but you gotta give it to me... this vera wang is pretty much a skanky version of jennifer garners odlr oscar 2009 look. right!? i mean the hair, the same... the jewels, the same... the dress, yeah you guessed it, the same!!! so very confused. 


  1. L,

    {Zoe} my personal pick for best dressed. There was NOTHING like this..she

    {demi} i cant believe that you didnt LOVE demi. I thought the color of the dress was totally on point and her hair and makeup looked fabulous to me.

    {maggie} TOTALLY agree with you L...

    { mo'nique} why does her dress look like the color of the carpet at Sparkles roller skating rink??? I am beyond confused here...

    I want to end with something kind to say because it's easy to harp on everyone but my woman there is incredibly beautiful in their own way..

    so i will close with

    {Mrs. Streep} class. class. class.


  2. Wow. This post really amazes me because I had no idea how many dresses were copycats this year. That's INSANE!

  3. I loved Elizabeth Banks. Wasn't a big fan of the hair accessory but I thought she looked great. I have a love/hate relationship with Vera Farmiga's dress. Most of the time it's pretty much hate. I think it's almost there but it just has a little too many ruffles for me. I thought it you just looked at her from the waist up that she looked amazing!



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