Tuesday, March 02, 2010

home, a tiring whirlwind of fun...

i haven't been home since the holidays and just went for 5 days and just had the best time, i saw so many important people to me! and i crammed them in like sardines!!!!! seriously, i was double booking like it was my job! i haven't been this tired in months, but it feels great!!! i had a few fun fashion moments whilst i was there that i wanted to share!!!
 rodarte for target shorts, banana republic shirt, martin&osa cardi, forever21 jacket, gap tights, & madden girl combat boots. 

so, my friday was just the most fabulous and strange day! i had lunch with a friend that i have not seen in literally 15 years! it was amazing, she is not only a fierce fashionista, she's smoking hot!!! i seriously had the best time, it was absolutely shocking to me how it felt like we hadn't skipped a beat! she's going to be a famous blogger soon, so when her blog is up i will hook you up. any who, i decided to finally get up the courage to rock my shorts and tights combo. i just did it. i also got to shop and hang out with my stud father, my amazing sister, and my even more amazing niece. i felt fresh and super cute and i think showed.
bdg t-shirt, mm couture pants, steve madden shoes. i accessorized with some thin chain necklaces, my new grandpa watch from urban outfitters, a belt my sister found, and my AH-mazing house of harlow peacock ring! 

okay, so this may be my new favorite outfit! i wore this for the baby shower. i wasn't sure who was showing up to this thing, but seeing as i really don't have job, children, or anything that these ladies think of as successful, i had to look really, really good. well, it was a nice group of folks and i had a good time...it wasn't without it's oddities, but we all survived and the future mama seemed to have a great day, so that was my only real concern! but this outfit just oozes fabulous! i thought i would just go for it with the red lipstick. i felt very fashionable with my pleated baggy pants, i love this new trend, comfy and just so damn cute. i felt very european. so whatcha think? do you dig my vacation looks? 


  1. Wow! You are a stunner, great pants! Thanks for stopping by.
    Swap links?

  2. You are amazing and beautiful! I am so happy I got to spend time with you. Thanks again!

  3. thanks for comment
    wanna follow each other?


  4. I hope to someday coordinate schedules, so we can have a fun fashionista day filled with cute outfits and photographs!

    I'm loving the MM Couture pants, they look fantastic on you. Steve Madden shoes are definitely the way to go, clearly. Between your combat boots and oxfords..I don't know which I love more!

  5. You look great....as always! Sorry I missed you during your visit.

  6. awesome pants and those steve madden shoes....lovely..i adore good menswear

  7. You look amazing dear, like always.

    thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. Take care, and don't be a stranger.


  8. Love the Rodarte shorts! Saw them in the store but didn't think I could pull them off. They look great on you!

  9. I'm so happy to see you had a fabulous vacation back home. I don't blame you for cramming all your old friends in your trip. Might as well! :P

    I love your second outfit the best. It is so classy and chic. Also, you plus red lipstick equals GORGEOUSNESS. Seriously. Wear it all the time.

    Have a great rest of the week, dear!

  10. cute jean shorts! i just bought some like that at h&m a couple days ago. i can't wait to wear them with tights when it warms up!

  11. Love love love this 2nd combo!

    By the way I am moving my blog. (www.janetteria.com), but I have a big problem with DNS of blogger.com and now the blog update is not working. I want let me know this. Please don't forget to visit this blog, because I have a new post for every day and I love you all. ♥

  12. Oh, I love both looks. Shorts with tights. Great pants with oxfords. Red lips. Leather jacket. So much goodness.

  13. oh my! i like the first one. only because am a trying hard layered dresser. I like the shorts and tights.

    you look lovely.

    I am Denise Katipunera

  14. oh i just adore both outfits!

  15. I just got back from Tokyo and all I saw were tights and shorts! I loved it, thought I might try. And then I come back to see you in a glorious outfit that would fit so well over here. I'm getting the shorts now!

  16. I was skeptical about this trouser style and how it would look on a real person but chica you are rocking them!


  17. okay these trousers are PERFECT, love them with the white oxfords and red lips! fantastic! :)

    Mamushka Marie

  18. i love the pants! Really want some like that. Can only see your wing a little in your photos but it looks awesome and i love the reason you got it! I seem to be more of a creative person and i hated working in an office for a week last year so i quit and couldn't be happier!
    And thanks for the advice. Yeah a couple years ago i thought i knew what i wanted and decided to wait and see and since have changed my mind. I dont think i'll ever know what i want haha!
    Would you like to link exchange, i like your post =)




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