Sunday, March 07, 2010

liked it.

these gowns are nice...not stunning, not brilliant, but nice. these women are all beautiful and look beautiful. i am just less than impressed.
you know how i simply adore anna kendrick and this elie saab is just fabulous...kinda. no, she looks stunning. her hair and makeup are just beautiful. i love the delicate jewelry and sweet chiffon and lace. the shoes are my fave!!! but the color...i mean it's a beautiful and on trend color...but it just blends in to her skin color so much...she looks great...i am just underwhelmed. she's amazing. 
some more elie saab, marz is going to be in heaven!!! rachel mcadams looks great. i love the hair and makeup! don't get me started on those earring i would steal them!!! the dress is very pretty and it fits her great, but i mean,'s water colored chiffon...not super exciting. it was nice. 
why the devil is this kid here?! when i was a kid, the people on my television shows, stayed on my shows. there is no reason for this young lady to be at the oscars... she has done, what? two feature films and one of them is based on a fictional musical character that sings to a bunch of children... but i will say, miley cyrus looked pretty great in this jenny packham gown. i love the bodice and the skirt is just stunning, i adore that it looks like separates! the jewels and the dark nails are very fresh, but that hair is killing's nice to see her massive hair extensions getting a rest, but this hairstyle ages her and keeps me from just loving this... 
yay, my darling kristen stewart looking like a little lady! i was hoping to see her in color, but this monique lhuillier looks pretty fabulous on her. it fit's amazingly well. i like all of the fabric work, it's nice. her hair and makeup also look stunning! so good for her. it's not perfect, but it's nice. and she's even kind of smiling in the photo on the left. plus, she almost looks to be standing up straight in these photos! plus, her hair is a vast improvement from the past few red carpets. good for her. 
this is the best meryl streep has looked in ages! this chris march gown is absolutely stunning!!! i just love this. i would wear this! i am shocked how much i love this!! but at the same time, it's not wildly interesting, it's just a pretty, well fitting dress and that's not enough for my top picks...
helen mirren is one sexy cougar! and i quite like this badgley mischka gown. i don't love the necklace and i feel like her hair was an afterthought...but she is freaking helen mirren, so she could wear a trash bag and she would still be a genius. plus, she has a great rack. 
from the waist up, this look is perfection. right!? the hair, makeup, necklace, bodice are perfection!!! i even love the color!!! but from the waist down this ysl gown just looks like a bad fashion school project! what happened!?  right?! even the stitching along the hem and slit look like i freaking sewed it! and trust me, that's a bad thing! 
now, this is how you dress a curvy woman! queen latifah just looks stunning! i love the beaded detail on the strap that flows down into the's just great! the fit is out of control good, but i am not a huge fan of the color. it's looks great on her, but it keeps me from falling in love. 
way to go mo'nique! she definitely deserved her award, but i will say watching her in the press room after... well... maybe she was all amped up from her win, but was crazy super rude and overly dramatic... i can't explain it, weird. it was weird. but i did get an explanation for her ensemble which was borrowed from the outfit best supporting actress hattie mcdaniel's wore at the 1939 ceremonies. her gown is tadashi and is pretty stinking fabulous...but i'm sorry, i understand that the flower was a nod to mcdaniel's, but it doesn't work here and it keeps this from being perfect for me...other than that she looked great. good for her. 


  1. Thank you for mentioning the Queen - I love her and I think she's lately had such good style that suits her.

    Meryl Streep also looked fabulous (lately, I've really grown to like her as an actress!) and so elegant as usual. I'm glad a Project Runaway-er got big props for his design :)

  2. Thanks for the shout out on the Elie Saab dresses Lauren! lol and you were right, I was in heaven, but not as much as I thought I would be. I agree that they were so-so, even though I adore the dresses by themselves, I would have liked to see dramatics on the red carpet. Now Zoe Saldana was just fab, her gown was so amazing I was speechless!

  3. great review! loved diane's and carreys!


  4. I adored the first two dresses. Stunning. Just stunning...

  5. such a great review! you are a very talented writer!

    if you are interested in a link exchange, let me know!

  6. Perfect choices, I love them all!!!! I was slightly disappointed with Diane Krugger, but I think she looks cute but could have worn something more interesting!


  7. I was happy to see Meryl wearing a Chris March design too. Very cool that she went with an up and coming designer. She looked great!

  8. Miley Cyrus dress is my favourite :)



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