Monday, March 15, 2010

momma's back... and fabulous...

sorry i've been MIA... long uninteresting story which may or may not involve me being rejected for even more acting parts... tear. don't worry i only cry myself to sleep most nights... i kid... well... moving on, the weather here in florida has been out of control beautiful! like 70's and sunny! i just couldn't help myself, it was time to bust out this cute outfit and my new fuschia lipstick!!!
top and skirt forever21, socks urban outfitters, shoes steve madden, necklaces banana/j.crew outlets. my lipstick is revlon colorburst in fuschia, it rocks!

so, now that i am totally over my socks and shoes thing, i thought i would just go crazy!!! otk socks! genius! i love this little top and polka dots are so in. i love the subtle pattern mixing with the small polka dots and the floral skirt. and both pieces cost less than 13 dollars!! i wasn't feeling like fixing my hair, so i just let my crazy italian shenanigans go wild! i really just felt breezy. 

so whatcha think? would you wear the socks and shoes trend? how do you feel about mixing patterns? would you do it? do you think there are some patterns that are more "acceptable" to mix than others? tell me? tell me? 


  1. Love the pattern mixing. The whole outfit looks great on you. And no way in hell would I do the sock thing because I would look like a fool. But it looks amazing on you!

  2. I love mixing patterns too... you look fabulous. I love the skirt.

    I haven't tried the socks and shoes thingy yet but I will maybe soon. xoxo

  3. cute! i love the socks... one of my favourite looks :)

  4. Lauren! Love this, its so lovely!

    I dont use any product in my hair at all. I dont brush it either. My hair doesnt get dirty easily and i like the way my hair looks on the 3rd and 4th day after washing so i only wash it about once - twice a week.
    So basically just don't do anything haha

    Hope your having a great week!!! =)


  5. you're pretty with great style! love the otk socks combined with the black booties. the red lipstick suits you well!

  6. You look so cute. Love the otk socks.

  7. love this outfit!!! so cute and i really wanna try the sock and shoe trend sometime when it gets a bit cooler where i live!!!

    xoxo jenna

  8. So jealous that you have such lovely weather! and your wearing such a cute outfit. i think mixing two patterns is cute but more than three might be a little much.


  9. i like the socks with this outfit a lot!

  10. wow thanks for the sweet comment! So nice of you to write such sweet things :D
    I really really love your tank. Its adorable!


  11. I love this outfit. You are so pretty in these photos! And you totally pulled off the socks/sandals trend flawlessly. I'm kind of scared to try the look because I don't think I would look as cool. Lol.



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