Friday, March 26, 2010

my deep dark love affair and a side of angry ranting...

now, you can all claim that you loved her first, but the thing is, i have had a love affair with charlotte gainsbourg for nearly 13 years. ever since i saw her in jane eyre... she was perfect, pretty, but not too pretty, insanely interesting, and supremely talented. i have to admit, that i haven't seen many of gainsbourg's newer films... although i did try and make it through the science of sleep... wow. but her portrayal of jane eyre has always captivated me... i watch it every single time it is on television... i have contemplated purchasing the dvd, but have you ever noticed how a movie loses it's magic once you own it... you never watch it instead you sit through commercial breaks to watch it on tv... so strange...
any who, she has turned into this magical creature, big surprise her mother is none other than jane birkin, an impossibly beautiful actress, singer, model... maybe you have heard of a birkin bag... hermes... ring a bell?  and her father was french musician serge gainsbourg. that kind of dna is seriously special.
well, if you have never heard charlotte sing, you totally should... her music has this strange, super french, dramatic, folk thing going on... i adore it. it's perfect inspiration music. great to just have on in the background. i adore any of the songs in french... so soothing.
but if you haven't heard her music you have definitely seen her mug all over everything balenciaga, she is the face and inspiration for their new perfume and nicolas ghesquiere has a total girl crush on her, can you blame him? she is is just effortless in all that she does... she's so french, yet seems so personable.
i am just in love with this chick. she has such a chill style and i totally just dig it. and i just love that she doesn't try to be anything other than what she is. there are no fillers in her lips, no plans for a nose job... she just is. and really isn't that what we all should be doing!? just being the most beautiful we can be without changing a single thing. 
i have been kind of going through this "hate the fashion industry" moment because i hate all of the fake that it's constantly putting out into the world... shouldn't it really come down to dressing REAL women... i know gainsbourg's tall and thin, but she isn't a stick, nor will she blow away with the wind... really women are all sizes and the industry should glorify that, but instead what it does is once or twice a year give a shout out to a plus sized model... it's not consistent nor is it genuine. I will never be a fashion industry size 0 again and with the way i eat and the amount i exercise it would be unhealthy to try... and at this point a nose and boob job are just out of the question... i just have to remind myself sometimes that i am real and beautiful and shouldn't compare to the airbrushed nonsense that i surround myself with. you shouldn't have to feel inadequate when looking at fashion... you know i love a skinny girl, but sometimes too skinny really is too skinny. 

what do you think? is it your own problem if you feel alienated by the fashion industry? or should their be a movement towards more normalcy in fashion? do you feel pressure to change because of the superficial industry that we love so much?  do you love you some charlotte gainsbourg? are you rushing out to rent jane eyre at this very moment? 


  1. she's so gorgeous and inspiring. nice pics, thanks for sharing!

  2. I love her too... and I agree with you, I admire that she is the epitome of a real woman, no cosmetic surgeries done and she still looks gorgeous.

    I don't buy fashion magazines anymore... I draw my inspiration from "real" people, that's why I prefer looking at street style blogs. Like I prefer seeing models off duty than on the runway.

    Have a great weekend my dear! xoxo

  3. In my opinion, it's not really the fashion industry, but self esteem and peer/exterior pressure.

  4. Thanks for your comment! Have a great weekend

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  5. She is amazing!!!So effortlessly gorgeous
    lou and una x

  6. She is so gorgeous! Love her chill style.
    I agree that fashion shouldn't make anyone feel inadequate. What I try to remember is that the women we see in the fashion industry really aren't normal. Furthermore, finding clothes that are fabulous doesn't mean finding clothes that only look good on stick-thin girls! I try to focus more on what looks good on me than what looks good on Giselle.
    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and for your sweet comment! Yours is lovely -- can't wait for more!
    xxoo Josie

  7. she is perfection. i really love her style.


  8. pretty pics.

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  9. she is beautiful and have her own style. can it be better?


  10. I LOve charlotte gainsbourg, love her father and mother. I agree she proboblyha mydream DNA :)
    I understand were you are coming from about the fact that models are way to skinny these day, it is sickning to me. But on the other hand even tho I am far from being skinny I do not whant to see "Fat" people modeling clothes. Because what ever people say or think about that, being overweight isn't healthy, as well as being overly skinnie. I think you are right that the fashion industrie isn't geniuin when they use Plus size models.
    In my opinion the fashion industrie should use realle girl who are healthy/ naturaly skinny. So that people don't feel uncomfterbal when they whatch a runway show.

  11. I didn't know her but wow she got an interesting style also an amazing hair and a serious but lovely face.

  12. I have always been in a love/hate relationship with the industry, I think that it needs to take some responsibility for what is except out of a modern woman, appearances-wise that is! I think that the industry has mostly an ugly interior, to what looks so pretty externally! It's like every woman is set up to "fail" because only like 4-6% of the world have the criteria to become a "model". This is all part of the reason why I stopped buying the magazine, unrealistic expectations and crappy fashion advice!

    Part of the reason why I adore blogging is because this community celebrates and excepts women of every shape, size, and background.

    P.S. Jane Eyre is my favorite book of all time and I absolutely agree she was amazing in the movie!


  13. I really didn't know that much about her, so I really appreciate this post. She is gorgeous and I love that she doesn't do the whole obnoxious/stupid plastic surgery thing (which, I guess you don't really have to do when your mom is Jane Birkin, lol).

    I will definitely have to netflix Jane Eyre now. ;)



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