Sunday, March 07, 2010

there was so much boring at this years oscars, but not a whooole lot of terrible...but let's relish in what bad there was...
holy boobies batman. wooooow. clearly someone has drugged charlize theron! call the police because there is no way in hell she picked this dior disaster sober!!! why be tall and beautiful if you are going to misuse it so!!?!?!? it just doesn't seem right! the rest of the gown is no better, what a terrible and not even on trend lilac color!! and the fabric looks wrinkly and a bad bridesmaid dress...grody. ew. ew... effing ew. 
hello dynasty!!! so this is a new look for cameron diaz...this is like texas debutante barbie hot damn mess. she is no stranger to hot damn mess, but she is usually a more fashion forward hot damn mess...i mean this oscar de la renta is very pretty, but nothing about this gown suits diaz. what is with that hair? that makeup? those earrings? i think i may throw up...
okay, it's true when molly ringwald walked on stage i giggled with glee! and i thought damn she looks amazing...but after closer examination i am unconvienced. her hair color, skin color, and dress color are perfect...but the weirdo blunt bang/bob is just soooo harsh on her round face...and i quite like the dress, but what-in-the-hell are those metal spirals!!! i mean i know the 80's were her hay-day, but that is just not cute in any way, shape, or form. there's that pesky vomit again... 
okay now i know some of you don't even know who this is...well, this is deborah ann woll she is a brilliant young actress who plays "jessica" on true blood, sooooooo good, i can't wait for it to come back on...well, i am first just going to say i have no freaking idea why she is at the oscars, but this gown is bad... i mean, it's really bad...the color and the bodice of this gown are so unflattering that i don't even know what she was thinking...and the makeup...and the earrings... let's just go ahead and say it...this isn't good. this isn't even okay. this is bad...real bad. 


  1. Terrific blog. I missed the pre-Oscar Red Carpet shows, so I did not get a chance to really look at the fashion. Great post.

  2. Thanks for the laughs. Hilarious post. And yes, these were all so, so awful!

  3. Oh my lord someone else who agrees that cameron diaz failed on the style front. Dress yes but the whole done up big hair thing really isn't her. Messy sexy Diaz over this mess anyday.

    Much Love



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