Thursday, April 22, 2010

acm orange carpet fashion: fail

holy acm's batman. that's right the american country music awards, yee haw!!! now, the show itself was not my cup of tea. zac brown band wasn't in attendance, so i really wasn't paying much attention, they were up for entertainer of the year and lost to carrie underwood...suck... but the way i look at it, at least taylor swift didn't win. but even though the guys weren't there, the icky fashion more than made up for it... wow. lots of bad. let's look.
jennifer nettles in a whole lotta look. i don't mind the dress. i love navy and the fabric is beautiful and it fits her beautifully. but is it just me or is her styling just waaaay too over the top. the big necklace, the choker, the clutch, the bracelet, the super dark eye... it's just like she's trying way too hard. kinda like when you watch her sing... it looks like she is passing a gallstone with every note. pain.
eh? this doesn't blow my skirt up, my favorite part is the clutch. the dress is basil soda and i just don't love it. the drapes in the fabric are beautiful and i adore the neckline, but i'm underwhelmed. and i really dislike that that her hair is the exact same color as the dress. not the best. 
well, at least she's not trying to hide it anymore. leanne rimes with her boy toy eddie cibrian. this is actually my favorite look of the night. unlike the rest of the ladies, she looks so modern. the zipper on the side of the dress is super sexy and the mesh in the shoes is just hoooot. plus, like i said, love navy. it's just simple and hot. she's blllluuuuuuuuueeeeeee... what? don't judge me. it's funny. 
the host, reba, in all her glory... now, reba is fab, but i have to say this dress is very old. i mean i know reba isn't crazy young, but this is just not a good look, she is way too hot to wear something so sad. it just reminds me of the early 90's and it doesn't look very expensive and i'm sure it was. but she's reba, love her. 
eh... swifty. she's in marchesa and i'm not sure if it's her or the dress, but i am just bugged by it. it's super old for her... like it should be sexier, this is too matronly. the color doesn't help.  the marchesa that olivia wilde wore to the emmy's worked because it was mysterious and the cutouts were kinda scandalous. this is just sweet and demure. and the hair just the same thing she always does. bored. 
oh kristen bell, what happened to your fashion sense? i used to love all of her looks, but lately i have just not been digging it. she has such a rocking body and is just so freaking hot and this does not show that. i think it's the color. if it was just a few shades darker... her hair and makeup on the other hand are freaking insane! super hot. 
this isn't a bad look on mrs. faith hill mcgraw. i just don't like her hair bone straight. she's no spring chicken and i think the super straight hair should be left to the youngens. she's a sexy mom and in my opinion this hair ages her.
what in the f are you wearing on your feet!?!? uh, sorry light of my life, nicole kidman, those shoes are disgusting with this dress. i never thought it could be possible to make her thousand mile legs look short!!!! those shoes ruin a pretty cute ensemble, i really like the l'wren scott tux dress. what it gods green christ!?!? no. no no no. no. bad choice.  
this is a lady antebellum, this dress isn't terrible, but something about the way she carries herself and that hair makes it more pageant queen than an award winning musician. the color is nice on her. she's a pretty girl, she doesn't need so much makeup. and then there's the dudes... 
hmmm. something i noticed about a lot of the guys is that country music has gone very metro- it's really strange. i guess it's a part of that whole pop-country fusion thing that is happening. but skinny jeans, skinny ties, perfectly groomed facial hair, and glitter? really doesn't scream country music to me, but to each his own. as long as he knows he looks absolutely ridiculous. 
esh. julianne hough looks like she's late to her texas debutante ball. the weird silver thing is not flattering on the petite dancer. this just does nothing for me. and the hair is soooo not hip. 
where in the devil has jewel been? apparently at the acm awards. this dress reminds me of the boring gown fergie wore to the golden globes. this just doesn't look fancy. the dress mixed with the hair, earrings, and beading it's just too prom night. 
ah! oh, sorry i was terrified by the bad fashion. this is steel magnolia, i assume they are a group. this is just nasty. it's an even worse version of demi moore's versace oscar gown. the black belt is just the kicker. not good. it's not even tied well, so it doesn't make her waist look smaller. cute girl, bad dress. 
hmm. miranda lambert was one of the winners of the evening, but not for best dressed. her breasts look as if they are repelled one another... it's like the red sea. she has a beautiful curvy shape, but this look is totally not working. it's nice that it nips in at her waist, which is really tiny, but the flare of the skirt hits funny on her hips then flares, making her look wide instead of flattering her. her bed head also looks a little too bed heady, like she really just woke up. that's not how it works.

so what do you think? am i totally being too harsh on the ladies of country music? or totally hitting the nail on the head? do you think that country musicians in general are behind in the fashion curve? if so, why?


  1. Eh, the one thing I dislike about Leann Rimes's dress is that it makes her look boobles, and not in an "I'm long and skinny, so boobless is cool" kind of way. Can't say I'd expect much inspiration from the acm crowd, though.

  2. I was laughing while reading all your commentaries... I enjoyed it. It's like reading a good book and I just can't put it down.

    You were not harsh... you were just being honest and real. I agree with everything.

    I really like Nicole Kidman's dress... too bad about the choice of shoes.

    Have a great weekend! xoxo

  3. thanks for sharing these :D
    loving the blog miss will definitely be stopping in here regularly!
    thank you for the sweet comment :) xx

  4. Awesome post! Have to agree... Carrie's clutch is definately the best part, Miranda NEEDS A BRA and Nicole and those shoes are a disaster... However I did kinda like Faith Hill as a whole.

  5. Oh my gosh... nicole kidman... what happened?!

  6. You're such a funny reviewer...and I have to admit I agreed with you on most of them. Love your blog....keep bloggin =)

    -Chiara @

  7. I agree with most of what you said haha. I like Carrie Underwood's top part of the dress but not so much the bottom & I think if the dress on Taylor Swift was a different color, it would've looked prettier.

  8. Funnily enough, I actually like most of these dresses lol But Miranda Lambert's dress is pretty bad though, something's just not right here

  9. Your not hars, they should hire bettre stylists! Though some did achieve amazing looks like Leanne.

    juliet xxx

  10. Well, I don't think they're horrible but I think they're just too ordinary?

  11. oh my fing gosh lol I LOVE your critiques; it's so funny and i agree on so much of what you said. and i actually LOVE the link you posted of

    Olivia Wilde's Emmy Dress!<33

  12. I agree about Kristen Bell -- I love her and I think she's so gorgeous, but that dress doesn't do a whole lot for her. And T.Swift's dress is a little bit old for her.
    xxoo Josie

  13. These are okay but they aren't my favorites either. Great post!

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  14. you are right!! not everybody dressed so well, i agree with you

  15. Oh lordy. It looks like there were a lot of hot messes at the CMAs or AMCs or whatever this country awards show was. Is it just me, or do they have like five per year?? I feel like there was a country awards show on TV just a short while ago and then just a short while ago before then....sigh.

  16. great dress picks !
    enjoy your upcoming week !
    glisters and blisters

  17. hey lovie! thanks so much for saying hello on my blog. :) i love knowing who *actually* is around, etc. who's your friend that recommended me to you?

    if you ever make it to a jeni's location, they have a lot of products with no dairy! yes, they're amazing.


  18. agree with most but i think kristen looks so hot!!!

  19. Hahahha... I agree the red carpet was horrendous but I did like Kristen Bell she looked cute, in my opinon :)

    Got to love terrible red carpet, it is always so much fun to observe :P


  20. i didn't think it was too awful haha but it definitely could have been better! kristin bell looked cute :)

  21. it always seems like... at the country events... they PARTIALLY get it right. like, the dress is good but the accessories aren't, etc. they need better stylists!

  22. I personally like everyones dresses besides Maranda Lamberts. Remember, country fashion has totally different taste than hollywoods Rodeo Drive(my paradise)
    Your blog is great though!

  23. to be honest, none of them are my fave dressed. but they all look pretty, though =D



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