Monday, May 03, 2010

met gala 2010: i don't get it...

so this is basically the list of people that the general public are going to think looked lovely, but just bore me to tears or don't fill my heart with joy... 
oh, it's a big event... please invite the teenage country singer... alrighty. as many of you know i totally resent the fact that this chick is famous because there are talented people who aren't famous... not fair and while she seems to be very sweet, still kinda bugs me. she is wearing a ralph lauren and looking typical. she is pretty. the red lip and curls are great... even if she has worn them a thousand times before... 
thandi newton is stunning. and while i adore the dress... the hair and the necklace are just alllll wrong. the necklace looks like something you would pick up at claire's. i. don't. dig. the hair is just not modern or fresh. so overall, i just don't get it. 
anna wintour in chanel. she scares me. don't like this. please, don't have me killed. 
so news flash, gisele is hot... we know. this alexander wang seems like overkill, plus, i have never been into fringe. i mean her body is sick... hair and makeup are nice, so i can't hate. i just don't love this. 

kristen bell in ysl. she looks nice. it's not over the top fabulous or over the top nasty. it just is. the fit is a bit off. like it needs to practically be falling off of her boobies to hit the floor. i like the texture, but that's about it. as always, her makeup and hair are stunning. 
my super girl crush, kstew. who you all seem to dislike!! i think she is fabulous, but this chanel look doesn't do it for me. the dress is kinda perfect for her, but the hair is just soooo wrong. and the complete lack of jewels is totally strange. and if only we could get her to stand up straight. i love her, don't be mean.
my phantom of the opera doppelganger, emmy rossum in kenneth cole. i am underwhelmed, but this isn't terrible and the necklace is ah-mazing. the color is stunning on her pale skin, but there isn't much going on.
i just recently watched my first 15 minutes of gossip girl... i was appalled at the bad. the acting, the story, i mean i was just in shock... cause fyi i like really bad television. but i will let blake lively slide because i freaking love the traveling pants movies... yes, i love them and i have seen them both like a thousand times. i also love her shoes. and this marchesa is very pretty, but i just want more, yeah know? plus, i am hating the slicked back hair. 
so, one of my other girl crushes, rachel weisz in oscar de la renta. now, i love her in hot pink, but i do not like this dress. we have just seen her so fabulous that this is a bit of a let down. she on the other hand is absolutely stunning and just insanely sexy... i just don't love this dress. 
joy bryant is beautiful and always looks fresh, but something about this marchesa look screams granny... i don't know. i loooove the earrings, but the dress just doesn't work. it's like it's supposed to be fairy princess, but it's just too heavy...
yay, kirsten dunst on the carpet. i love this chicks style, buuut, not loving this. first, it is like a super unsuccessful version of the vivienne westwood she wore once upon a time. but the kicker is the shoes!!!!! what in the hell are they!?!? uh, hello witchy-poo. grody.  
here is a much better sophie thealet for gap creation on super hot jessica alba. this look is all fine and dandy, but i just don't love it. it really is beautiful, but the hair is a bit much and it's just not perfect. catch my drift? 


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