Monday, May 03, 2010

met gala 2010: soooo awesome...

i would love to be invited to the met gala... and i would happily wear just about anything any designer would want to put me in. these ladies below just scream fabulous!!! i mean, i would rock any and all of these gowns. sparkle and nude was really the trend of the evening. and i love sparkling and being nude... huh? 
top pick #1. ohmylordy. like 5 years ago could you possibly image nicole richie looking this super hot!!! i mean, this marc jacobs is perfection!!! her hair, makeup, accessories, i die! there is nothing bad to say about this look... if you have something bad to say you shouldn't say anything at all... at least, that's what my mommy told me. 
top pick #2. um, i've have died and gone to heaven. this is freaking perfection. tiny little kate bosworth in this genius valentino. the beading and delicate colors. oooohhh my fabulous! the back is sheer perfection. and the hair and makeup are ah-mazing. i'm in love. have i mentioned this is perfect?
top pick #3. hermione granger never ceases to amaze me. emma watson is just beautiful and this burberry gown is just stunningly fabulous. i love it all, top to bottom. wow. 
top pick #4. how ah-mazing is this couple? diane kruger and joshua jackson are my favorite. pllleeeaaasee stay together forever... i might cry if they ever break up. she looks beautiful in this white calvin klein. out-of-control. the look is simple, but the fit is impeccable, structured to perfection, as only francisco costa can do! and pacey is looking super sharp. love his suit. hot couple alert.
top pick #5. this is tailoring done right. the fit of this calvin klein and the wild fabric make it a freaking hit. zoe saldana has been one of my favorites on the red carpet for a while now! she can wear insanely crazy gowns, think the givenchy, then something as simple as this... and she looks insanely stylish doing either. that's a true fashionista. 
uh, hello jenny from the block is back. what in the hell has jennifer lopez been doing over the past month!? because she looks absolutely ah-mazing!!! and this zuhair murad is just out of control. it's beautiful and complicated and interesting. her hair looks stunning and the make up is perfection. the best she has looked in years. love it. 
i wasn't sure if i loooved this or just liked it... but i loved it more than i disliked it... huh? does anyone remember my point? ah, basically this valentino is beautiful. i hate her necklace, but this gown is so beautiful that it trumps the tiny necklace. this color is beautiful. and the gown is tailored perfectly, she looks super skinny and super tall... the only two things you need. 
marion looking smoking hot in christian dior. i don't know why i like this so much. it just looks like she is dripping diamonds. like she bathed in diamonds... don't you want to bathe in diamonds!? i dig the hair... i just like this. sue me. 
yay, sjp looking like a boho chic fashionista in halston. the color of this gown is perfection. as always, she is styled perfectly and her spray tan seems to be under control. love the pleats. love. 
if it isn't kate hudson and her new boobies. yup, she totally got a boob job. but she looks great and she really didn't over do it. this stella mccartney is gorgeous! i love the shoes, the hair, the jewels. this is a fabulous look on her.
love her. love him. so stinking awesome. this lamb gown on gwen is just beautiful. i love the fit and the strange gauzy fabric mixed with the black. i love it. the bracelet is wonderful and as always the red nails and lips are just the perfect final touch. she's great. 
so, i love this thakoon for gap gown on kerry washington. this orange/red color on her skin tone is beautiful. i freaking adore the bodice, the shoulder draping, and that slit. this is beautiful. she's beautiful. love it.
this is a good look on mila kunis, she looks like a little vera wang rock princess. the detail on the dress makes me very happy. i love the wild bunched skirt. she is very good at balancing the giant gown on her tiny frame. plus, she is super hot. 
now, some people were dissing this, but i think elizabeth banks wearing gucci looks like a rockstar. her hair and makeup look super sexy and all of the textures are just fabulous. i think this is fun. am i crazy? 
omg, i should have been a missoni!! margherita missoni is stunning and this gown rocks my socks. i freaking love the apron-like front, that pattern! it's beautiful! i even dig her stupid ruby/diamond head thing. this is just quite a look, so i understand that not everyone will dig it, but it works for me. 
poor sienna miller, he's gonna cheat on her again, 'cause he's a douche. but this pucci gown is genius! holy wow, the gown is just stunning and even though it's dark, all of the textures make it insanely interesting and those shoes are bananas! i want! 


  1. aw hi! im so glad! thanks for saying hello. :) :)

    - lauren xoxo

  2. wow these women are so hot
    and you deserve for comments
    awesome post awesome girls

  3. Gosh, I love most of the dresses... fabulous picks. Nicole, Kate Bosworth, Jennifer Lopez... they are all awesome. Have a great day Lauren!

    PS... I was wondering about your surname... Osias is a Filipino name. Is your husband related to Gen Osias, a retired general of the military? xoxo

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  5. Emma Watson can do no wrong! Love her sooo much :)


  6. Love the Nicole, Anne and Zoe's dress!!

  7. Justcatching up on your blog. Um not sure why Seana miller is back with Jude, not fan of what Anna is wearing. She's so predictable, her outfits are very consistant but boring... And my shoes are from Charlotte russe!

  8. Wow, I must say Kate Bosworth's hair looks flawless. And although I used to not like her, I'm come to think Anne Hathaway is very elegant.

  9. i love every single one of these - perfection!!

    Merci beaucoup for all your wonderful comments and continued support darling, it means the absolute world =]

    So good to be back!

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  10. great met gala review ! i love j.lo's dress as well. her makeup and hair also matched the outfit well..

    thanks for the lovely comments ! :)
    glisters and blisters

  11. to quote you..holy bananas...when did sienna and jude get back together??!! i thought emma look amazing! actually, everyone looks amazing.

  12. My favorite is probably the third!

    -The Trendy Fashionista

  13. what an amazing post/review!

    love it alllllll I would like to see nicole a bit more formal though....


  14. I would love to go to the Galas too.
    I think the dresses there are like heaven!

  15. Gorgeous ladies, and stunning dresses! Oh I wish I could be invited too - I'd be more than delighted to wear anything a designer wants to put me in haha.

  16. This is gorgeous!! Thanks for posting!!

  17. agree with EVERYTHING
    can you imagine being invited??

  18. Zoe Saldana, J.Lo and Sienna are ,y favorites - they looked stunning!

  19. thanks for your lovely comment! so i'm inlove with almost EVERY SINGLE one of these; apparently women and fish are alike coz we're both attracted to shiny objects LOL i can say that about myself for sure; i am actually drooling after jennifer lopez's dress... damn i wish that was my prom dress!!

  20. thanks, darling! so glad you liked my song!

    i always love seeing what the ladies wear to the met... they all looked so amazing. especially love sienna. she's so gorgeous. she'd look good in a paper bag.

  21. god these women r all dressed soo well... all of them different and well done... no faux pas...


    follow if u like what u see


  22. Merci beaucoup for your lovely comment darling =]

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  23. Also do you want to exchange links Lauren?



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