Monday, June 28, 2010

eclipse premiere w/ a side of drunken fashion review. fun ensues.

so you all know that i have a seriously obsession with twilight. i can't help it. it's ridiculous and escapist. it makes me feel like a 15 year old again. i looooove it. judge me if you want, but know that you are an asshole. everyone has a guilty pleasure and unfortunately a crap ton of pre-pubescent girls and nut job soccer moms also seem to be obsessed with mine. it just takes a few insane twi-moms to ruin it for the rest of us. anywho, moving on. the premiere for the 3rd film was thursday night and the fashion was out-of-control. i really enjoyed most of it. and k.stew and rpatz, stupid abbreviations, looked ah-mazing!! my lord i hope they are doing it like rabbits.
*oh and for fun, i decided to add a drunken fashion review compliments of super drunk joe.
um, this chick is hot! and this elie saab dress is perfection. i freaking adore it. it fits her so well!!! she just looked radiant and super comfortable in her skin. i loooove this. her hair is sort of boring, but i don't think that she has much hair to work with at the moment. but other than that this look is sheer perfection.
*joe says. trash meets super trashy. tight, short, formfitting... and it's got one sleeve.
STUN-NING! holy bananas! nikki reed is beautiful, my husband would agree. this marchesa is stunning. the pale blue color is heavenly on her skin tone. love. it. the louboutins are genius. 
*joe says. alien autopsy shit storm dress from the titanic wreckage. 
i'm okay with this. i don't love it. the whole grecian feel of this dress works on ashley greene, but it could use some tailoring in my opinion. the gown is alexis mabille couture and it's just a little too potato sacky. she is stunning and the idea of this gown is great, but it needs some work. also, i hope it's for a role because i dislike her new "miley cyrus" hair. kellan lutz looks pretty fabulous in d&g. his hair looks weird too. 
*joe says. she looks like she's from the future, but really hot. 

so these are boring. elizabeth reaser is in zuhair murad and dakota fanning in elie saab. the zuhair murad just looks likes she's trying too hard. the sheer fabric weirdness just doesn't work for me. i don't know i don't love it. and I SWEAR dakota fanning has worn this before, right!?!? so boring. they both look nice, but this doesn't float my boat. 
*joe says. elizabeth. looks like marilyn manson got beat up and this girl stole his dress. 
*dakota. she looks like the little girl from the movies and stuff. 
tinsley korey, emily, is wearing a sue wong and honestly, i'm not impressed. i feel like it makes her look really old. or maybe it's her makeup? the bodice is adorable. but i don't like this. in the white is julia jones, leah, she's wearing a marchesa and it's ok, i suppose... it's boring, but it's alright. i just feel like these looks weren't very well thought out. just kinda flat. 
*joe says. tinsley. she looks a lot older than the rest... i don't know, it's okay. i'm more intrigued by the girl in blue behind her... 
*julia. that girl looks like a bad avatar of megan fox. 
these ladies are both newcomers. kristen prout will be playing jaspers maker and hopefully her acting is better than her fashion sense 'cause this sucks. it looks like a prom dress and the shoes, they confuse me so much. the hair doesn't make sense either.  it just looks like holy shit i'm gonna be famous soon, instead of really put together. fail. the other newcomer is, of course, bryce dallas howard who is taking over the role of victoria. suck. i'm sure she'll do a great job, i just loathe casting changes. the dress is also a major suck. this christian dior looks very "little house of the prairie" meets "pretty pretty princess". something is very off. i don't even mind the pale color against her pale skin, but the dress just doesn't come together for me. 
*joe says. kristen. that girl looks like taylor swift... is that taylor swift... it just looks bad. tim gunn said make it work and it didn't work. 
*bryce. looks like an insane librarian from the 60's who killed the blonde chick from robin hood. (after the fact he explained he meant, who looks like the blonde chick from robin hood aka cate blanchett)
we all know how much i love anna kendrick. she's a genius and probably the most talented person in the cast, buuuuuut i am so not a fan of her fashion choices. this marchesa has been done so many times, so many different ways. think natalie portman in lanvin or givenchy, both of which were perfection. this is just not right to be. the shoes might be adding to the problem, they are majorly sucking and they make her tiny legs look shorter and totally give her a cankle. she is faaaaar to cute for this. 
*joe says. i mean, she's wearing a trash bag... and that dress probably costs 20 thousand dollars. 
ah, christian serratos. so pretty. so cute. what's wrong with your hair? i couldn't find a great photo of her dress which appears okay albeit boring. but that hair. jeez. i am definitely not understanding. 
*joe says.(after taking a minute to focus) man that's big hair!! 

so that's my review. i can't wait to see the film. i'm not going to my normal midnight show... things just weren't working in my favor this year. i might try and see it wednesday, but alas, i am just not sure. i WILL see it like the true nerd that i am... and i will love it. no matter how bad critics say it is... and no matter how bad i know it is because it's such a fun way to escape the world. hope you enjoyed the review. thanks to lionlamblove for most of the photos. and look at that picture above... they love each other so much. so obvious. love it. 

so tell me? what did you think of the fashion? awesome or major fail? will you be braving the crowds to see eclipse? if not, what's your biggest guilty pleasure?! come on don't be a wuss, tell us!!


  1. ha ha this post was funny! I love Kristen's, Ashley's and Tinsel's dresses. I think Kristen never looked better. I have seen Tinsel in person (way back when we were auditioning for a commercial in Vancouver) and she is STUNNING. Yes, I will be off to see "Eclipse" this Friday. Can't wait!!

    enter for my MAC/Sephora giveaway

  2. I feel like most of them need to hire new stylists. There is WAY too much fashion and good sense in this city to wear something boring, or something that doesn't work. Trust me, I know. I just can't afford it... yet. ;)

    Nikki Reed is definitely my winner, she just makes me smile. Love sheer, love feathers, love that color on her skin.

    And other the other hand, I actually dig Elizabeth Reaser's dress paired with those shoes. Something about it just does it for me, would have liked her hair in either a low chignon or a high tight bun, but it will do.

    I will give it to your girl KStew, she finally did it right. Haha I absolutely love everything about it. Including her arm candy accessorizing, brilliant.

  3. First off, thanks for calling me an asshole. Secondly, I love the fashion except Pattinson's - dare I say - blood red suit? I'm not digging the irony there.

  4. hahahhaha.... loves this post, it was hilarious! I do like Twilight but not as much as I used to ...unfortunately the hype behind it really killed it for me. I must admit that although I do love the Christin looks here, I don't love the texture of the dress. But otherwise, the look is quite beautiful!


  5. haha omg best outfit reviews ever

  6. I am still laughing at drunken Joe's reviews... the girl in blue is hysterical.

    I love Nicki Reed's dress. And I can't wait to watch the movie... I am a BIG fan of the Twilight saga. xoxo

  7. Great post, so funny! I think Nikki Reed is my fave :)

  8. Mm not a total fan of Kristen's look. Her hair still drives me absolutely insane because she can do so much better with it. And I like Dakota's look! Though it is a bit deja vu.
    Ah and Nikki Reed is absolutely gorgeous. I love Marchesa and she wears it stunningly.

    Ah and on Twilight. I decided I'm a fan of the first book. I think Stephanie Meyers took it to far with the next three. She had Bella go from awkward klutz to scizo to just plain stupid. And I did NOT like how crazy she made Edward in the fourth book while Bella was preggers and dying basically. When he told Jacob something like "she could even have puppies," I just about died of laughter. But the first book is the ultimate escape! I still love it!

  9. hahah this review was hilarious! Kristen blew the ass off of everyone else fashion wise. What is up with that broadcaster's hair?! Maybe she got attacked by bird seconds before the interview and just had to grin like it was on purpose.

  10. Thanks for sharing the photos. I'm also a Twilight fan, though I rarely admit it, LOL. Aww, Robert and Kristen look good together. I love Ashley Greene! Unfortunately her dress didn't do her any justice at all. Tsk-tsk.

    Can't wait to watch Eclipse this week with Hubby. :)

    Lots of love,

  11. great pics.
    so cute blog.
    Kiss from Milan
    Nicola freshONpr

  12. nikki looks great in marchesa! love marchesa--and ashley greene. she's just fab.

  13. Lol, this post was hilarious. I love Joe's take on everything, I think I'm inclined to believe everything he says!
    I have to admit, I hate Kristin's look. I'm not a fan of the one sleeve look and the texture of the dress reminds me of shiny popcorn. Weird. I actually liked Ashley Greene's look though, I thought she rocked that dress!

  14. ususally not a fan of nikki reed's choices, but i like this; there is something about feathers on a dress that always wins me over.
    i am a big fan of kristen stewart, this isn't my favourite look on her, but as usual she mixes it up a little and surprises us all.
    dakota plays it safe, but she is still perfect.

  15. From certain pictures, Kristen looks good in that white dress - I think she pulls it off well :)

  16. I can't wait to see this movie i'm a big fan too!!

    i gave you an award check out my blog :)

  17. I saw the movie yesterday! Great! Much better than the last one! And amazing red carpet moments!

    juliet xxx

  18. Love twilight!

    Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling, and for your lovely comment =]

    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  19. i loved this post! and i so agreed with all your reviews ahah and joes drunk ones:) but i did like dakotas dress strangely...omg i am so excited for eclipse, everyone says it is absolutely amazing

  20. i love the back on kirsten's dress.. and dakota looks fantastic..
    Ashley is naturally beautiful.. and her dress was simple but pretty..
    Taylor looks so hot!

  21. I hope they are doing it like rabbits too. love this post and I completely agree, I love love twilight and I mid twenties... and totally proud!




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