Sunday, June 06, 2010

remember when mtv showed music videos...

so tonight was the oh-so-brilliant mtv movie awards. completely pointless, i know, but it's always fun to see what young hollywood deems "appropriate" dress and what old hollywood thinks makes them look "young and hip." i actually really enjoyed the show. it was really funny. and it reeked of twilight-mania, so that may have something to do with it. but aaactually, tom cruise as his alter ego les grossman was freaking hilarious... especially when you pair him with j.lo. i thought it was pretty damn funny. it also shows how far someone will go to promote their new movie. and on top of it being a generally enjoyable show, i actually really enjoyed most of the looks. i had a few problems, but we will get to those.
yay, you all know my girl crush kstew!! don't be mean!!! she looked ah-mazing in this d&g brocade/tweed dress! mix in the hot shoes, dainty necklace, and super sexy extensions and this look is freaking off the charts. and look she's smiling!! now, you can say what you will about this chick, but i think she is a genius young actress with tons of potential who is simply getting used to a life of being accosted by grown men with cameras. trust me, i wanna act, i wanna be successful, but i wouldn't trade my life for hers. she deals with a lot. so give the chick some slack. i think she is brilliant. 
so scarjo is another one of my girl crushes! have you seen iron man 2 yet?! run, nay, rush to the theatres and prepare to have your mind blown. i was shocked how many genius acting performances took place in a "fun" summer movie. and her kick ass moves are seriously the sexiest superhero battle i have ever seen. hot! anywho, she looked super hot in this d&g stunner. love the smokey makeup and sex hair.
eva mendes doing what she does best... looking smoking hot. this time in stella mccartney. i love how chill this all seems. nothing seems too done, but somehow the look doesn't fall flat. i loooove the print on the dress, this just works for me. 
once again a simple look that looks nice and chill. nikki hilton rocking missoni and looking like a socialite hippie. the side braid is fantastico. i mean, i dig it. what's not to like?! perfect for the event. 
i love me some nikki reed. so does my husband :| hmm. but i can't deny that she looks super adorable in this miu miu frock. i like the look. i love the colors on her olive skin... remind me how this chick got cast as a super pale blonde vampire? don't get me wrong i think that she does an amazing job, but she really isn't supposed to be a blonde, like ever. ew. 
jessica biel is quickly becoming one of my favorite people in hollywood. she just seems so real and my husband and i figure that if justin timberlake likes her she has to be awesome, right!? now, from the neck up this chick looks freaking beautiful, buuuut something is off with this giambattista valli dress. it's so demure... like almost too demure... like she's going to teach sunday school. i love the skirt and shoes, but the top is just too covered. but she really does look ah-mazing.   
yay, anna kendrick!!! i can't wait for this chick to win an oscar. she won an award for breakthrough performance and it was well deserved... she only won it because the twilight fans are literally insane, but as a sane person i am glad that she was able to get some kind of recognition for a genius performance in up in the air. now i totally dig this zac posen, but i don't like these shoes on her. i mean she is a tiny girl and all the straps on these sandals make her short legs even shorter. a suuuper high nude pump would've suited her better. 
this chicks boyfriend is hot. like super hot. like i think i'm in love hot. hope he's legal... moving on, vanessa hudgens was not the little fashionista that i have come to see her as. this jenny packham looks like lingerie... and not in a good way... like in an inappropriate virginal way. it's just kind of lifeless. blah. but i guess if you are walking 'round with zac efron on your arm, who really gives an ef what you are wearing...
amanda seyfried is a weird one. she was so funny in mean girls, but i find something a bit off about her. i have no reason to think that she isn't the nicest person in the world, but i find her hard to read. i do feel bad that skank lalohan got her boyfriend in the sack while they were still together. that's harsh. i don't hate this dress, but i do find it beyond boring... it needs a punch of something. 
i LOVE this look. love. love. love. stella mccartney is a genius and elizabeth reaser wears this look incredibly well. i think this is a great look for a non-teen star to wear to the mtv movie awards and she doesn't look like she is trying too hard... she just looks freaking hot! this is a great look. 
is anyone else as shocked as i am that paris hilton looks nice?! i mean this isn't ah-mazing, but she looks really sweet. the dress fits her perfectly and her choice of accessories are restrained and cute. i think she doesn't look like her normal hoe-bag self... good for her because she really is a pretty girl. 
this is lily collins... yes, phil collins daughter. i'm not sure why she is famous, but i love this calvin klein dress and how she has styled it! it's so simple, yet so rock 'n roll. i love the bracelets, the rings, the shoes, the bag... it's just a fun mix of color and textures. can't wait to see more from her... whatever she does...
so, if you have noticed i have not and will not include any member of mtv's reality nation... no hills, city or jersey shore here. they are a joke and i am not going to honor them by putting them on my blog, buuuut i can't deny whitney port's unbelievable style. this chick really has something special. this brilliant yigal azrouel dress is absolute perfection. the nude and yellow together is beautiful. and with the nude mesh booties and her beachy hair... this look is pretty fabulous. 
what the devil has gotten into christina aguilera? or is it xtina again... LAME... for the first time in her career i feel like she is trying waaaay too hard. i don't mind the bodice of this versace gown, but the mullet skirt fails miserably. i just don't love this latest reincarnation. her performance was just over the top and not in a great way. it's like, i'm trying to be lady gaga and it's so not working... a light up heart on your vajayjay, oh lord no!!!! i hope she goes back to sassy pinup girl christina soon. cause i don't dig this look. 
oh dear heavens. lalohan is out on the town looking like a 70's porn star. i suppose we should give her creativity points for wearing this pamella roland jumpsuit to cover her court ordered scram anklet that monitors her alcohol consumption. as terrible as she has been looking, i suppose this isn't the worst we have ever seen from her, but this look is just wow... wow. she looks like she's 40 and just in case you were wondering she's only 23. her parents should be ashamed of themselves. i recently watched an interview where she "explains" all of the craziness that took place in cannes... she is such a good liar it's scary. and sad. i hope this girl can pull a drew barrymore and reach her potential. 
jesus, mary, and joseph. what in the hell is wrong with katy perry!? i DO NOT get the wig thing. it's not funny. it's not stylish. it's not normal. she looks like an alien. and this zuhair murad dress isn't terrible, in fact, it's kinda cute for her. i love the shoes... but why does she feel the need to look like a cartoon character. this is just silly. and i am sorry, but i find her music painful. her ridiculousness annoys me. 
and finally, i haven't been able to find a single freaking picture of sandra bullock, who looked unbelievable by the way. it was nice to see her out and about after the shit storm that has surrounded her as of late. i hate that such a sweet person has had to deal with so much, especially at a time in her life where she should be celebrating, golden globe, oscar, baby... well, she was honored with the generation award and for some reason kissed scarlett johansson. it was strange and pre-planned (scarjo was mic' ed up... weird) but this is the only shot i could find of her dress. it was a super short mini and the front was a high boatneck. super cute.

so, who was your fave? least fave? could you not give a shit? did you watch the show? did you enjoy it?are you so over young hollywood? how much does twilight annoy you? i freaking love twilight... so don't be afraid to express your love...


  1. told you. everything i needed to know about the lame movie awards i learned right here.

    talking points:
    vanessa hudgens - was she kidding?
    lily collins - famous for having a famous parent? this should be illegal.
    lindsay lohan - should be in jail. not only for her behavior but for her fashion choices.
    christina aguilera - i hate her. xtina, x her ass out.
    katy perry - freak. california gurls? sucks. she sucks. good riddance.

    the end. xoxo, CS

  2. Hi, Lauren Lanza Osias

    That's great and the outfit really nice too, love it.

  3. great highlights of what was worn at the mtv awards. i didn't watch it. i attended one like 5 yrs back and it was just horrible to see how it is all setup.

    ps i am with you on the word rasterbator. LOL when i first heard it, i thought of only dirty things too!

  4. pps i am a follower now and also added you to my blogroll :D

  5. wow loved some hated some, but i must stay k-stew looked so freain stunning! wow, seriously:)


  6. Love your review... Nikki and Paris are fabulous. And so is Kirsten. My fave look would have to be Nikki Hilton's. Love that dress. :-)

  7. The show was fun but my God how many times did the word "f*ck" have to be said? It was a little much. And I'm sorry but K Stew shouldn't be allowed to speak except in movies. I know, I know, you really like her but during her speech she was so awkward and she made it seem like it was such a chore to accept the award. On a different note I thought Jessica Biel looked gorgeous! Great post, great coverage! And thank you for your nice comment on my blog : )


  8. i didn't watch the show, but i did see the tom cruise skit and it was hilarious. love the les character.

    also, jessica biel looks amazing! and like you said, i'm surprised paris hilton looks so nice.

    i follow your blog now; feel free to check out my blog and follow it too.

  9. I love Twilight! I'm currently almost finished reading Eclipse. LOL. I mean I have to finish reading it before I watch the movie. I so love Kristen too! Thanks for the photos. I had fun viewing them.

    Lots of love,

  10. I didn't watch the show but now I feel like I have! Lol. :)

    Omg omg omg, I have so much to say about this post I don't even know where to begin.


    Scarlett looks GORGEOUS!! Oh god, if I could only look like her for a day. Sigh. Stunning. And green looks killer on her. She needs to wear it all the time.

    Kristen looks lovely as well. She is one of the most naturally pretty girls in Hollywood, I think.

    I am also very pleased to see Paris look lovely and classy. This is how she should look ALL THE TIME. Omg, there have been so many times when I feel like crying because she had all the potential to be the most glamorous woman on earth. An uber socilate, the money she could have used on such gorgeous, fabulous, non-trashy clothes, and all the fame she could have captured the old fashion way (rather than whoring herself in cheesy reality shows). Ugh. She could have been one of the greatest fashion icons ever! But, alas, tis not to be...
    But yeah, she looks great here.

    And Lilo....?!? Yuck. That's all I gotta say about that!

    Okay, I'll stop before this comment because an entire post about your post. Ha!


  11. ScarJo looked amazing! Loved her bit with Sandra Bullock - so funny.

  12. haha your analysis cracks me up! I totally agree with on most of them, though I found Eva Mendes' dress to be a bit horrendous.

    Want fabulous hair? Who doesn't! Then enter my Misikko Hana Elite giveaway!

  13. Mm yuck I basically consider MTV far past its glory days, and its award shows are just ridiculously illegitimate. And I really cannot stand the Twilight mania, especially how biased it was in this award show.

    I do think Anna Kendrick's performance in Up in the Air was awesome, glad she got the chance to come out of the Twi-light. And I really just wish Kristen would wash her hair or something. I do think she's gorgeous, but her hair looks gross no matter how good she looks, and if she'd just clean it a bit or something she'd look amazing!

    AND the musical performances... no comment. They speak for themselves.

  14. I watched the show - I loved it, it was so funny especially tom cruise and kristen and rob's awkwardness!

    Merci beaucoup for stopping by darling, it’s so much appreciated =]

    Je suis désolée for the late reply!

    Stay safe and chic ma chérie,
    English Rose x

  15. Scarlett was definitely my favourite. The dress looked so pretty! I loved the colour.



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