Sunday, June 13, 2010

sex and the city 2 is a movie...

and that's about all i can say good for the plot of satc2, more like offensive and the middle east. i wasn't going to write about it, but after having some fun banter on twitter with friends and realizing that a lot more people enjoyed it than i thought, it seemed appropriate to push everyone's buttons and get folks talking about this giant piece of crap.

first, let me say that with all of my bitching... the clothes... oh the clothes. i mean patricia field really went off the deep end with this one!!!! i freaking loved it... it was all hot. the dior tee with the zac posen skirt and custom made manolo's were the greatest thing i have ever seen... it was all beautiful and wild.
the basics. the film opens with the girls. all happy, doing whatever they were doing at the end of the last movie. carrie is whining because she and big aren't fun. miranda hates her boss so she quits. samantha is a skank. and charlotte hates being mom sometimes. samantha is offered a free trip to abu dhabi so the girls all go. without giving away to much, when they get there it's luxurious and over the top, which was fine, but carrie runs into aidan. oh geez. that can't end well. who doesn't love making conflict out of nothing!? stupid. and basically samantha is a hoebag and she gets herself into trouble which gets them all kicked out of the hotel... and gasp, carrie left her passport in the market... likely tale lalohan tried that one. this, of course, leads to what i feel was just the worst of it all. i found the ending of the film so disrespectful and tacky! i am offended that it was even thought of as funny. women in the middle east can be severely punished for what they did and i just couldn't watch. they don't seem to have a problem making a joke out of it. it wasn't funny.
so the breakdown. yes, the movie was so bad that they added a karaoke scene. yes... that's right. when would it even have been remotely possible on the series for the ladies to sing karaoke!?!? the whole film just seemed forced and grasping for funny. the one liners that kept the show going fell flat and they had to rely heavily on the braless nanny's tots flopping around for a laugh. carrie was whinier than ever... didn't she get what she wanted!?!? samantha was even more disgusting than ever. miranda was barely even a main character, although her 80's self cracked me up. and the only real moments on the screen were with charlotte. when she was wearing her vintage valentino to bake, yeah right, and lily finger painted her ass. well, i nearly cried then, but that moment in the closet was heartbreaking. and her conversation with miranda at the bar was hilarious and sad and real. i also very much liked carrie's butler and the paula abdul jokes. but other than that i have to say that this film is best watched on mute or not at all.

so, what do you think!? should i just chill out and enjoy it for the crappy "fun" movie that it is? did you like the clothes? or were they too over the top for you? would you see another satc? do you think they should stop making satc films? talk to me.

i'll be back soon with an awesome post from atlanta! i was in a fashion show last week. whatwhat!?


  1. I'm gonna say you should probably just give it a break. The last movie wasn't that great but it has it's place in SATC fans hearts. Should they stop making them... probably. Will they... never. At this point it's just fashion porn and I'm ok with that.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  2. Of course, I agree that the film is indeed tacky, but I think that's what they were going for. The plotline was messy and all over the place, but yet the mixture of the exotic and the outfits and the posh hotel suites made for a very aesthetically-pleasing 2 hours.

    I can see how someone would find some of the scenes offensive - I myself am a frequent visitor to the Middle East and understand and respect the various traditions and laws. I think the inaccuracies of the film stopped me feeling offende d though (the film was very clearly not set in Abu Dhabi, and Carrie would kindly have been told to cover up if she'd been seen strutting around in that ruffly off the shoulder dress at the airport).
    I think us Westerners just struggle to grasp the strictness of the Middle East, and thus feel the need to poke fun of it when we realise that yes, it IS actually illegal to have sexual relations on a beach, it's not Benedorm.

    - Anna Jane xxx

  3. listen, i love movie reviews. yours was awesome! tell it like it is. if satc2 was garbage, then it was garbage. i didn't even see it. (sn: i did see the first one and liked it thought).

    but it did not fail in the clothing department. that blue halston dress is spectacular!

    thanks for commenting hun!

  4. I love the clothes... enough said. Hahaha!

    I'm more interested to see your fashion show post... share the photos... soon!!!! xoxo

  5. I refuse to see the movie in theaters. And I hate that they are CHEAPENING a huge cultural impacting television show with these OTT movies (though the first one wrapped everything up nicely). The clothes are basically the only reason to be excited for here. And did you know they're talking about two more movies?! And a prequel for Carrie with Miley Cyrus in the talks!!!

  6. Your review seems more in line with the critics than what I've been hearing my girl friends say! I refuse to pay money for what I'm sure is very mindless film and will wait to download it. I really hope they end with this one b/c the first one ended things nicely and now it just seems a cash grab to continue.

  7. I liked the clothes...
    ...not a whole lot else to say :)

    I'm a huge S&TC fan but they needed to quite while they were ahead.

  8. the fucking clothes. oh my gosh.
    carries karaoke oufit? HOTT

  9. Chill! You can not expect SATC to be the kind of movie that would have a great world peace solving politic opinion. And the show never was categorized as a drama.

    I loved the shoes and thought the plot was a bit of a disappointment I did like the movie, even for just the fact to "meet" The four girls again.

    And though the situation of women in middle-east is terrible and definitely serious thing one must always be able to laugh even to the darkest of things. This world is way too horrible place to take all things dead serious.

    But nevertheless I do hope that they stop it here. This movie was already completely irrelevant to the show and the spirit of it -as I think the styling was also. But if they do make even one more I know I'll be standing in my heels in the premiere once again. Can't help it.

    juliet xxx

  10. After hearing the reivews I don't have any desire left to see the movie. I'm sure its probably offensive, but I don't even care anymore because SATC has made such as joke of itself with these pointless films. The show was so good and then I saw the frist movie and was so turned off. I don't want to have a sour taste in my mouth for SATC after this one

  11. i am still undecided, i did agree it ws quite disrespectful:( but i must sya the clothes were quite fab, carries pink one shoulder dress wow:)

  12. I didn't bother seeing it. I like to remember the series fondly.. not for the crappy franchise it has become. Thank GAWD someone out there finally said what a lot of people have been thinking ;)

  13. Awww I actually enjoyed it. Lol. But then again, I wasn't expecting much and was more interested in the fashion and scenery than anything else. :P

  14. No, definitely dont chill out. Tell me why they had liza minnelli in the movie??? lame!! and singing beyonces song was even lamer. ugh, i was so mad and very offended as a fan of the series. if they ran out of plots to scheme, they why didnt they just ask the fans for their opinions!? or something better than a whole flop of a movie! what a waste of wonderful clothing. i was so pissed i left the movie theatre, went home and had 3 bears to relax my nerves a little bit. lol. I wanted to invite you to edk.dolce I developed the idea for "Featured Followers by Elle © " where I promote all my followers, and give them a chance to attract more people to their blog & for my followers to learn more about them! Check out my blog @



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