Saturday, July 31, 2010

a break... sorta...

so, i've mentioned before the brilliant online photography/writing/learning about yourself... ah-mazing course i took with susannah conway, a BRILLIANT lady. both stunning photos were taken by her!! well, she offered up the idea of an august break, in which tons of bloggers chill and enjoy life. basically, posting a photo each weekday, with or without words, for some inspiration. since i'm such a big mouth, i am challenging myself to say all that i need to with the title. lazy. possibly. but with our impending move, travels, and new puppy(1 month to go) i need a break from my own sarcasm. i will try and take new photos, but i may also from time to time use inspiration i find online. i'll be back in september with loads of fun. i have some freaking awesome blogs coming your way... a 15 reasons to love with issa from we wear things AND erika from fashion chalet!!! not to mention celebrity dress up. what the hell does a vegan eat? and sooooo much more. the emmys are coming up... YAY for the hot damn messes!! please continue to comment and support. i am so lucky to have such brilliant readers and blogger friends. you guys rock. 


  1. Your beach shot is gorgeous. Loving your blog so far...

  2. Love the beach photo! Enjoy your time off lady!



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