Sunday, August 29, 2010

emmys 2010. i'm confused.

now... these looks aren't all terrible, but something is just off about each of them... some i just can't put my finger on and some i definitely can...
dr. bones herself, emily deshannel, i can't quite love this because it seems to just overpower her. the bangs are just too harsh and seem to compete with all of these purple doilies on her gown. it's just not there for me.
i'm not getting this look. jayma mays is always so cute and this sexed up look is just not translating for me. i like her jewelry and i like her makeup, but the rest of it is just not great. this burberry gown is kinda boring to begin with... it just doesn't seem fit her style personality... 
dianne agron is beautiful and this carolina herrera is beautiful, but i'm not seeing the connection. she just looks so old. i mean, she looks great, but she doesn't look youthful or stylish, at all. and the belt looks cheap.  
we all know i love emily blunt, but this dress looks like it's molding. uh- no thank you! disgust. her hair and makeup are spot on, but i will pass on this stale dress. 
i actually love everything about this marchesa look. i'm just a little puzzled as to why kim kardashian is invited to the emmys... she's not a celebrity... and the day she wins an emmy is the day la-lohan makes my best dressed list. #fail. 
oh golly, julia louis-dreyfus in narciso rodriguez. big friggin surprise. my lord this boring. she looks great, as always, but i'm just crazy bored by all of this. been there, done that. BOR-ing.
looks like lea michelle is doing her best jennifer garner impersonation. this look has so been done. the gown is oscar de la renta... which pretty much looks exactly like jenn garner's odlr at the 2009 oscars. the necklace looks very juvenile and i don't care how many diamonds it's got... it's not working with this look. plus the hair down is just too much. better luck next time. 
once again, this just feels like every kyra sedgwick gown worn before. she looks wonderful. the dress looked beautiful on stage, but this monique lhuillier gown is just the same thing, different color. yawn. 
eva longoria parker is a hot chick. her hair and makeup are just insanely perfect. her earrings are stunning! but this robert rodriguez is not awesome. the corset top is stunning, but i really don't like the skirt. it's not flattering and if eva can't pull it off... there isn't a chance in hell anyone else can. close. but no cigar. 
the newlyweds. so freaking cute! love these kids. true blood makes me so very happy. this alexander mcqueen look on the other hand does not make me happy. i don't hate it though. i love the gold and the accessories. the bodice and skirt are just not great. she'll do better next time. i have faith.
um... kelly osborne... um... tony ward gown... um... puzzled. 
dear sweet jesus. this is a look. january jones is to be commended for her out of the box fashion sense... that said this versace is not her finest look... far from it. i really like the silhouette of the gown, but this blue tin foil fabric is not awesome. and what the eff happened to her hair... mmm. no thanks. 
good ole lorelai gilmore! love lauren graham. love this yigal azrouel gown, but i feel like something about the fit is just not right. she looks insanely broad shouldered and super flat chested. it's just not flattering on her. i dig all of her jewelry though. 
i feel like we've seen this look and i feel like it's not that special. i have an acting crush on jennifer carpenter. have you seen quarentine!? my lord she plays scared brilliantly. i just really don't love this. the styling is just really blah. 
who is this? 30rock, right? i have no idea. i am always just kinda confused by her. this is okay... for prom 2010. very taylor swift... oh, that's not a good thing. 
i feel like this gown could be awesome, but alas, it's just terrible. the flowers and shit at the bottom are just weird. and she has officially over-tanned. toni collette is way to talented and beautiful to be that orange.
edie falco is an awesome actress, but the bottega venetta is a snooze-fest. and it looks like she has a third boob on her hip. hmmm. 
this donna karen gown was not meant for a pale lady. and elizabeth moss is definitely a pale lady. the gown is beautiful, but the color just keeps me from actually liking this. and that hair is not cute and it hasn't been in style since the 50's. not cute. 
look it's kristen wiig doing her best drew barrymore impersonation. this gown is actually super cute, but whoa flyaway bangs. that is some bad hair. really bad hair.  
holy cher horowitz batman. this is very clueless with the bracelet all high up the arm and the choker... julie benz is very pretty, but i feel like she has lost so much weight that she isn't even recognizable anymore. this pamella roland gown is pretty, but super matronly. 


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