Sunday, August 29, 2010

emmys 2010. me likey.

holy yay! i'm back!!!!! and with an ah-mazing emmy fashion review. the show was absolutely hilarious. jimmy fallon did a brilliant job and so many well deserved people won! so, i was really digging quite a few of these ladies. and there were a few that i can't tell if i love or like or what. so let's play!!!!! and don't forget to comment and agree/disagree/argue/whine whatever. let's have fun.
how could i forget claire danes!? i was looking at a ton of dresses. i was so glad claire won for temple grandin, she was genius in it. she looked absolutely stunning in armani prive. beautiful. it did look a bit much like anne hathaway's oscar dress, but that's alright. she just looked light and angelic. stunning.
omg. keri russell is ah-mazing. i have always adored her personal style, even back in the felicity days. but this baby pink number is just doing it for me. so clean and stylish. it's breezy and light. i am just totally digging this. she is just so effortless and there is far too little of that in fashion nowadays. love this.
okay, this isn't my favorite look of the evening, but jenna fischer wins the most improved award!!! oh my goodness this is just brilliant on her. the color, the fit, the hair, the makeup. stunning. she looks tall and thin. her boobs looks FAB-ulous. i am just really feel like a proud parent. great work. 
holy hotness oliva munn! i know this look is incredibly simple, but it fits her so well that it's genius. she just looks thin and tall and sophisticated. i am loving this dress. her hair/makeup is just super sexy. love it.  
okay, i love this. i'm not quite sure what maria menounos does, but she looks smoking hot. it's a lot of look, but i totally think she pulls it off. i love the cut out and red lipstick. the hair is bit helmet-y, but i think it works overall. it's just pretty and shiny... and we all know that i am easily distracted by shiny things... example see below. 
see!? shiny things! okay, you can dog me, but i love this. heather morris of glee(love) is totally rocking this ina soltani gown with total veronica lake like sexy. i love the black belt and how it cinches her teeny-tiny waist. her hair and makeup are absolutely spot on! i love this. aaaand side note, she is my favorite gleek. this chick is insanely funny and damn she can DANCE! 
i totally don't get the 30 rock hype, but i have to say jane krakowski is smokin' hot! and this escada gown is just fabulouso. it's interesting and fits insanely well. her hair and makeup are beautiful. this is just a super win for me. 
only heidi can wear a mini dress to the emmys. this marchesa is super hot. heidi's smokin' hot. end of story. HOT.
yay amber riley! this is how a big girl should dress. she looks curvaceous and sexy. i love that her hair is up, but not shellacked in place. it's fresh and young. the beading at her waist is genius and totally shows off her tiny mid-section. this is great. 
okay, i love vampire diaries... so sue me. nina dobrev is a super pretty girl, but she doesn't usually wow me on the red carpet. i feel like it's alway a bit generic and young. but this zuhair murad is out-of-control! i mean come on. her shoulders are just beautiful and her waist is, like, non-existent. i think the accessories could've been a bit more modern, but seriously i can't really say anything bad about this. just beautiful. 

i just can't decide if i like these final 3... i'll explain...
look at this chicks body! Hell-O! my god she's sexy! and i think i really like this. she always wears these weird puffy dresses that in all honesty make her look fat, which she is definitely NOT! but this zac posen really emphasizes her curves while showing off her little waist and not weighing her down with heavy fabrics or silly details. she is just a sexy lady. i like it... i think... 
oh sophia veraga. is there really a more beautiful women on the planet!? she is just outrageously sexy. not even fair. but i can't tell if i like this gown... in photos it's a bit prom-like, but on stage she looked genius. it fits her insanely well and looks stunning when light hits the sparkles. so... i'm just not quite sure. side-note. if you don't watch modern family you are a loser. best show on tv. 
okay. okay. i know you are thinking... but jane lynch always looks so unfortunate on the red carpet that i just had to give a shout out to her. she looked absolutely beautiful! this ali rahami fit her like a glove and the color was flawless on her. hair and makeup looked great. congrats to her on her emmy win. she's brilliant and i'm thrilled that she looks nice. so while, not the most fashion forward of the bunch, this is pretty awesome. 

there were some great looks, so tell me, who you were loving? 


  1. Hey u! Welcome back!:) oh man, I completely forgot about the Emmys with all the weekend craziness! Thanks for this review! Wowsers these ladies look amazing! Nina def looks more grown up here and gorgeous! I didn't recognize jane above without her usual tracksuit lol She looks great!

  2. I like Nina Dobrev the most :)

    - Laura

  3. For continuity's sake, I'll go with Heidi. Plus, I loved that necklace. I wish I could have seen the Emmys, ugh. But you do a recap nicely. Always know you'll bring it! xoxo

  4. You didn't even include my fav - Claire Danes. I thought she looked freaking amazing!! And while I love Keri Russell and I thought she was very pretty, the whole outfit just looked weird. Maybe it was the flower in her hair? Just seemed a little too casual or something.

  5. i loved heidi and amber riley the most from this post! lovely ladies, both beautiful in their unique ways.

    kisses from

  6. Oh, I don't know, I think my favorite look is that of Maria Menounos -- very elegant and classy, but still alluring. Beautifully put together!


  7. My favorite was Claire Danes! Except I thought Keri's outfit was not appropriate for the Emmy's, it looked like she was going to the Teen Choice Awards.

    And as for Sofia's dress, as Joan Rivers said: "She looks like she's wearing a banana that's going bad." haha

  8. wow, you made a nice review! thanks for sharing ☺
    my fave is Nina Dobrev; she looks like a royalty!

    Castor Pollux

  9. Thank you for your sweet comment!
    Oeeeh I love nina dobrev her outfit!
    She looks amazing theree! There's nothing wrong watching the Vampire Diaries, the show is awesome!


  10. I think they all look gorgeous!




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