Sunday, August 29, 2010

emmys 2010. um, no...

so these were my big no-no's. no way kimosabe. these are just bad. you know better. in twitter speak, #fail.  
so, rose byrne is a cute girl, but she always seems to just get something wrong on the carpet. the dress is alright... a little too star wars chic for my taste. but dear sweet baby jesus what is wrong with her hair?! she looks like a hot damn mess. it's just way to tall and far too frizzy. i. do. not. dig. 
poor tina fey, this chic just cannot catch a fashion break. this oscar de la renta is just waaaaay too graphic and modern for her. and the ponytail. holy hell no. it just doesn't do a single thing for her. and it does even less for me. funny. yes. fashionable. dear lord no. 
who in gods green christ is lo bosworth!? and since when do you where a day dress to the emmys!? this is what you wear to a friggin' baby shower not the emmys!!! and who the hell are you!?!?! the hair is just a disaster, the pale lip is so off, and as far as i am concerned it was an accident she was invited... at least i hope it was. 
oh geez. amy pohler. tsk. tsk. tsk. what is this chick thinking!? this is max azria and the color is really nice, but the boobs just ruin it... i mean, come on! the fit around the armpit is just weird and makes her boobs look like flaps. flap boobs!? not good.
julie bowen is one of THE funniest women on tv. she is hilarious and absolutely stunning. but oh dear no. j.mendel makes ah-mazing gowns, but i feel no balance with this dress. it's boring and at the same time absolutely cluttered. it doesn't even make sense. her hair and makeup are flawless, but she is too beautiful to looks so blah. 
holy yuck batman. this carolina herrera looks like a bridesmaids gown... an ugly bridesmaids gown at that. as far as i can tell the shoes are abysmal. the necklace with the crazy hair is just too damn much. another example of a beautiful women looking less than wow. but that is a hella fierce pose she's got going on up there... ahaha. i crack myself up. 
whoa. that's a lot of look. rutina wesley of my favorite, true blood(love), is wearing... well, this. it's just odd. the graphic pattern... the weird slit... the major big hair... the bright lip... it just seems a little contrived. it's not coming together for me...
julia ormond is beautiful. talented. and wearing a really ugly pink dress. this weird neckline has been tried before and it really just doesn't translate. it's not terribly flattering and with her crazy hair and super strange eye makeup... it's just not fabulous... not even a little bit. she's still super talented and beautiful...

okay, so give it to me... so am i right are these terrible!? or are you blind and loving these looks!? 


  1. Here's my two cents: Lo Bosworth, who? I mean, really? I have nicer dresses from forever21. She isn't cute and she's not an 'actor'. She needs to go buh bye.

    Amy Pohler: just had a kid, take that into consideration when you dress yourself. OR fire whomever dressed you. embar.

    Padma: I'm over you. You're a bit of a biotch.

    Rutina: WTF. The end.

    Julia: bridesmaid.

  2. wow, no words. these outfits are just... wrong. worst look: rufina wesley, no doubt about it.

    kisses from

  3. What was Lo doing at the Emmy's? lol

  4. i loved Nina Doberev in her Zuhair Murad gown.
    i especially like Heidi Klum's necklace! i can't help but stare at it.

  5. Oh my goodness, no no no. I second your words! Dear me, Lo, what were you thinking? It looks like a dress for Sunday brunch. Where's the elegance and glamour? Hmm...



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