Wednesday, September 08, 2010

15 reasons to love...

now, if you have never read erika marie's brilliant blog than you are absolutely missing out! this chick has the freshest style around and a stunning head of hair. a florida girl currently living in north carolina, she fuses trendy glamour with bohemian charm like a champ. it's one of the best blogs out there. if you've never read it, ohmylordy, you are totally missing out. here are the 15 reasons you should love erika at fashion chalet
the best movie ever made is... MANNEQUIN
my favorite song in the whole wide world is... Too many to choose. I do however love Moon River!
if i could only wear one designer forever and ever it would be... Alexander Wang might sound cliche, but his pieces flatter my figure so well. They are all so soft too. 
i can't go anywhere without my... Suglasses
if i could raid a celeb's closet it would have to be... MK and Ashley Olsen(I'm sure they share)
my favorite celebrity on the red carpet is... Diane Kruger
i always expect_________to look a hot damn mess on the red carpet. Everyone always looks great though ;) 
i looked a hot damn mess when i wore... baggy jeans and baggy tees (at the same time) in middle school.
a fashion trend i am loving right now... Gladiator sandals (again)
a fashion trend i am hating right now... Sneaker heels
my biggest fashion influence has got to be... Models off duty. 
the next big things is... Sheer dresses and lace.
in the next year i am looking forward to... hats!
i love blogging because... it makes me happy. I enjoy meeting new people who share my same passion. 
the most important thing to me is... my family. 
So, dude, get with the program and check out Fashion Chalet, it's going to quickly become a daily read! I know it! 


  1. i love her! she is one of my daily reads for sure!

  2. fabulous - checking it out now =)

  3. How could you just not love her for her hair alone? <3

  4. I'm a fan of her blog! She has such great style. Thanks for sharing this feature:)

  5. I shall def check her blog out! :)

  6. i always love her outfits! and she's really gorgeous.



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