Friday, September 03, 2010

the teen choic---- who cares?

so, during my month long break the teen choice awards happened... i know, i know... who gives a flying shit?! buuuuut there was so much yuck that i had to discuss it with you. with all of the fabulous fashion in the world, these kids show their age and underdeveloped style... by wearing this ugly stuff. 
oh ashley greene... did you not get the memo? this isn't a ladies who lunch function! the dress is cute, but come on she looks like she's 50 years old... the color is super blah and i just find the overall look less than fabulous. 
holy sex kitten batman. lea michelle looks like she needs some bedroom action. did she not understand that this show is for teenagers? she looks like she is practicing her maxim poses. don't get me wrong she looks pretty great... but with the hair, the insane fake tan, and those skank-a-licious shoes and you get "trying to hard for a kids show" 
okay, i dig the ankle booties with the little spikes, but geez, no one at this show wore them properly! plus, IT'S STILL THE SUMMER! wear some damn strappy sandals. lucy hale, of pretty little liars(love), from the ankles up is super fabulous... but the shoes are just not the right choice. 
this is naya rivera and for those who are living under a rock last year, she is the fabulous santana on glee. i'm flipping OBSESSED with glee. now, i commend her on going with the fall trend of a full skirt... but she is young, hot, and has a rocking body... you would never know... this outfit ages her like a thousand years. i'll pass. 
now, this isn't the worst look i've seen on kristen bell... and trust me she has plenty of bad outfits to choose from... i like the idea of this dress. i think the shoes really throw me off. something isn't right... maybe the length of the skirt? too long or too short? i can't tell. as always, her hair and makeup are beautiful... but not loving this. 
that's a lot of ugly! oh yuck! poor little emma roberts! who did this to her!? the crazy bronze eyeshadow, the puke green bandage dress, and those weirdo browish booties... dear sweet jesus. this is more ugly than i can handle. she is usually so good on the red carpet, but this makes me want to vomit. not. loving. this. 
dear lord. do these kids not understand that it's summer! thigh high boots are for fall/winter! and definitely never with this dress! this is katerina graham from the vampire diaries(love)... girl needs a stylist stat. because there is so much tacky going on i don't even know what to make fun of first... the dress looks like a slow kid pasted on jewels with elemer's glue... and the lipstick is just tack-y! better luck  next time.
i am so tired of these bandage dresses. ugh! and wsdid hilary duff do her own hair!? because this is what my hair looks like when i'm cleaning the house. this just isn't styled well and for such a cutie she just looks boring. i will say that the color looks great on her. but that's about the only nice thing i have to say.
AH! what happened to kim kardashian's face!? so confused!? she looks so old and in the dress... she looks old and fat. this is not a flattering look on her mad curves. someone with such a rad body shouldn't wear things this drapey. something about the fit on her tatas and booty is just yuck! and it looks like she has been shot up with enough botox to inject nicole kidman, meg ryan, and the cast of the real housewives of new york... and new jersey. hey kim! please stop! you are very pretty and you don't need whatever you are doing...
so finally a look i like. worn by a grown up... go figure. this is yvonne strahovski, sarah on chuck. i like how simple and clean this is. the pop of color on the shoes is playful and perfect for the occasion. nothing bad to say... well maybe she went overboard on blush, but this it i swear. her legs are out-of-control!!!! 
this is demi--- no... miley--- no... miranda---no... this one is selena gomez. and she has great style. i never have to be too mean to her. she gets it. and i really dig this look! the white is fresh and airy. the shoes are super cool and normally i wouldn't love a shoe so high on the ankle, buuuut the color and tribal feel make them feel light and sexy. i like it... even though i still have no idea what she does...

so what do you think? were the teen choice awards as tragic as i make them out to be? who was your fave? who was a hot damn mess??


  1. This is hands down one of the worst dressed events this year...fabulous review, always fun to read!!!


    i agree alot of people came really badly styled ! im surprised even the people who are usually stylish look blah here :/

    many thanks for the comments as always ..
    glistersandblisters dot com

  3. LOL!! You are too funny!:) I actually liked Kristen Bell's and Ashley Greene's dresses. You're right, for some reason, Ashley looks much older here?? Omgosh, Yvonne looks HOT! Love her on Chuck!

  4. I like how lea michele looked. And I don't think that's a fake tan. I think that is genetics (I have the same color, and I never go under the sun). So you basically insulted her skin tone.

  5. Hahaha your commentary always makes me laugh. And I always agree. :)

    When I first saw that photo of Ashley Greene, I thought that was Lori Laughlin (the chick on Full House who played Uncle Jesse's wife). Wow. That's sad.

    That Naya girl is adorable but she looks like she's going to prom in 1997 or something.

    Kristen. Omg. I agree, that dress is good in theory and nothing else.

    But the biggest shock for me was to see that awful, awful photo of Emma Roberts. Emma is gorgeous and it seriously would take a lot for her to look disgusting. She obviously worked hard to do that here. The color of that dress is HIDEOUS. It worries me that she actually knew what the color was and chose it. Who does that?! And the makeup is so appalling, she should be humiliated. She looks like a zombie.

    Gawwwd. I know I've said this before, but with all the money these girls have, why the hell do they choose ugly outfits?! It's a tragedy.

  6. What I do love about Teen Choice Awards is how colorful their Red Carpet always is!!!! Celebs just let tehir hair down and go bold with their fashion choices.



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