Wednesday, October 13, 2010

clogs. ew.

okay. so everyone has an opinion about clogs. ugly. heinous. chunky. nasty. did i say ugly!?? now i know that there have been thousands of blogs about the questionable nature of these skanky shoes, but i figured that i could make them even more fun to hate, due to my awesomeness and whatnot. okay. do you remember in the 90's... oh god, i do!? do you remember when clogs were huge then... yeah they are just as ugly now as they were back in the day. and i'm sorry a chanel logo does not a pretty clog make. and even in the 70's when clogs were all the rage they still made feet look huge and heavy... and herman munster called... he wants his shoes back. i'm all for retro, but there are reasons that some pieces die out!!!! it's like evolution of style. survival of the fittest. and clogs have not evolved into anything... they are still chunky, dull, and boring. and come on if 80 foot tall, spindley models can't make them look good... then tell me, what regular person can!?

ashley simpson in the offending footwear. 
 marykate olsen wearing a yucky wedge version.
kate beckinsale mixing the nasties with a summer look... it doesn't even look good...
 uk vogue actually put alexa chung on the cover of the mag in them!!! tricking the unassuming public into thinking that clogs were once again fashion. fail.
and my angel... rachel bilson, these are the worst!!! with the little mini heel. ew. ew. ew. these shoes actually look depressed. 

the worst part is how much money people are spending on them! gross! invest your money in the perfect black pump, not a monster ugly shoe. just don't do it. please feel free to try and disagree with me, but trust me you are so incredibly wrong. so let's discuss. do you hate clogs as much as me!? are you able to look past their yuck when styled well!? or are you just on cloud 9 that everyone from miu miu to jessica simpson brand is making a clog now!? and for fun, what are other trends that you just DON'T understand!? comment and tell me. 


  1. Gah-rosse! Keep telling everyone that will listen, honey! clogs don't only make your feet stink... they're just plain awful!


    Jenn L
    Peas & Crayons

  2. I hate clogs. I don't know why they ever were in style and I'm perplexed why they are "back." I don't understand why people like them. They're not cute. In fact, they're ugly. Hmm...

    I'm glad to see this post. Lol.

    I've missed you too! Do you wanna exchange links? Even though we're followers, I think it might help us not get lost in the sea again. Lol. ;)

  3. omg i feel the same way! but i do see pumps with wooden heels and platforms with the studs, which i like but it sorta reminds me of clogs which makes me not want them. does that make sense? lol

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with clogs. Same with Uggs.

  5. Hahah your commentary is funny, but I looove clogs! Especially Rachel Bilsons... the everyday-clog. ^_^

  6. LOL!! You are too funny! I'm on the fence about clogs. Some I find way too clunky, but other tamed down versions aren't too bad:) Welcome back, btw!!:D

  7. Don't like clogs! They are the most uncomfortable shoes ever! You are so right .... spend your money on a beautiful pair of black boots, booties, pumps!

    lovely blog you have!

  8. i loved them then and love them now...i hung on to my old ones too so i get to wear them again!! i have big calves so im sure i look hideous in them but I DONT CARE!

  9. clogs ew LOL its weird, when they first came out i was like hmm idk. I still never bought a pair but i will admit it does look cute on certain people :) Just not for me.

    Sorry I've been MIA for a little bit. I'm back and thanks for still following me :)

    I look forward to catching up on your posts!

  10. it shows how much power chanel and ew karl l has over the world

  11. Haha I'm sitting out the clog trend, too! I understand the comfy flat ones to run to the grocery store or something but I dont get the high-heeled, bedazzled ones!


    Ps- Thanks for stopping by my blog so I could check yours out! I'm loving it!

  12. "Monster ugly shoe" - hahaha. They are indeed ugly, but not offensive in the way that Uggs are.

  13. you have no idea how glad i am to read this post !
    seriously.. they're made for the dutch ladies not for fashionable people !

    i think they're YUCK

  14. I admit - I quite like clogs... I don't remember last time though, and they are UNCOMFORTABLE as hell, but on some people... though, Alexa Chung, the heel stands out to much.... the few before that were better...

    I LOVED your previous post (and this one too!)



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