Tuesday, November 09, 2010

bippity boppity boo.

so, as many of you know the mister is a marine officer. hot, right!? we've been married to the military for  over 3 years and i would be lying if i said it was all rainbows and sunshine, but despite that the military is really been good to us. we currently live in a small town about 25 minutes north of wilmington, nc. it's a great place to spend our 6-10 months before moving to the west coast. every year the marine corps celebrates it's birthday with a ball. for the first 2 balls, i went cocktail chic wearing short gowns that got me some dirty looks from girls wearing prom dresses from the 80's. c'est la vie. this time our ball was in myrtle beach, a sort of red neck rivera, so i decided to go a bit fancy. come on, how often do you get to dress up like this!? i took advantage. i got dressed in a super hurry. so my hair and makeup were all done in less than 30 minutes. yikes!!! a fairy godmother with a magic wand would've been mighty helpful. anywho, i was pleased with my end result even if i was running around like a crazy person. i was working with 2 of the biggest zits on the planet. thanks life. but praise the lord for dermablend 'cause those bitches were practically invisible. practically :/ my camera takes the woooorst pictures indoors in low light, so here are my blurry hipstamatic pics. love that app.

my dress was a purchase from my days at melissa sweet. after a sample dress goes out of season they sell them to the employees for 20 bucks. that's right a 400 dollar dress for 20 dollars. my headband was an anthropologie splurge and the bracelets were super cheap j.crew knockoffs at forever21. the shoes i wore for less than an hour were charles david and my god were they uncomfortable, that must be why the last time i wore them was my wedding.

so, there you go. ball fun. if any of my regular camera pictures can be salvaged i'll totally post them. love.


  1. I can attest to the 30min-chaos pre-ball. Low maintenance and pretty? Pretty much a rarity among us females <3 ya did good kid!

    Those bracelets and that headband need to pop up again and again in your outfits <3 love them!

    -Jenn L @ Peas & Crayons

  2. You look like a princess!! :) That's so cool you get to attend balls. And with a marine officer?! How. Freaking. Fabulous.

    I love your dress. Your hair is stunning and I'm envious you were able to look so flawless in 30 minutes. That's GENIUS. xo

  3. i love your hair! you look amazing. I don't get zips very often but when I do they are always in the worst areas.

  4. i adore your hair accessory. so fairy tale. :D

  5. love it! and for $20 ridiculous!

  6. You look breathtaking...I love the headpiece, it adds such a whimsical touch :)

    ♥ Marta from With Love...



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