Thursday, December 23, 2010

nothing says christmas like a crazy-ass ballerina movie...

wow. so, i have to admit, honestly i was terrified to see this film because i wasn't sure how freaky it was going to be. i may have cursed loudly a handful of times, but it wasn't the screamfest that i feared. the story follows a young ballerina nina, natalie portman, who lands her dream role as the the lead in her ballet companies vamped up version of swan lake... which let me say is a friggin weird ballet... it's about a girl who is turned into swan and has to fall in love to break the curse, but her evil twin comes and steals the man she loves... so she kills herself... creepy right!?! back to the movie. nina is given the role and basically starts down a path of crazy. she develops this terrifying rash on her back and begins this obsessive need to scratch and pick and pull at every piece of irritated skin... it's literally the most disgusting thing i've ever seen. meanwhile, her director, vincent cassel, is putting tons of pressure on her to get the part of the black swan right... nina's uptight therefore having a hard time letting go of perfection and becoming the visceral and passionate black swan. she begins to suspect that the companies new free spirit, lily, is trying to steal her roll. lily is brilliantly played by mila kunis and it has to be said, is super sexy in this film!!! and they totally get it on... so strange... 
nina's visions of crazy get worse and worse until you absolutely have no idea what is real and what this crazy bitch is just making up. her mother gave up her own ballet career to have nina and is absolutely obsessed with her daughter. she cries and paints pictures of nina. WEIRD! no wonder this girl is a nutter.
so, that's the basic story. you get it. the film is really beautifully done. the costumes are brilliantly designed by amy westcott and the mulleavy sisters... yes, the rodarte ladies! ah-mazing! i seriously want to run out and buy leg warmers, tights, tutus, shrugs, tanks, etc. you name it, i want it. the acting is absolutely suburb. natalie portman deserves all the awards she wins for this film. i believed fully that she was a dancer and that she had been doing it for her entire life. she is so committed to the part and is such a powerful actress.  all of the supporting cast is genius too. even winona ryder who has a small part as the retiring prima ballerina, is absolutely perfect. they only real problem i have is with the actual story. it's kinda boring and by the halfway point it's sort of predictable. like super predictable. the only thing that keeps you engaged is the absolutely ghastly body contortions. i could vomit. the last 10 minutes of the film were my favorite. the ballet was stunning and freaky and beautiful and oh-so-freaky.
so, have you ventured out to see black swan? if so, did you enjoy it? do you sorta have a crush on mila kunis now!? are you equally obsessed with the costumes!?! if you haven't seen the film, does it intrigue you? will you ever see it?


  1. now i understand why there are swans everywhere!!

  2. I'ev looked everwhere for a full review on this mvie! Its not out here yet i dont think and I want to know why she 'grows feathers' and gets red eys. Only because its seems really freaky and I like to know what Im getting into haha But was it scary? Im a huge wimp!


  3. So I didn't read this post (I only looked at the beautiful photos) because i'm going to see the movie in a couple of days so I will come back and read it after I see it. I'm really looking forward to it! I have heard nothing but great things about it.

    Merry Christmas!

  4. I can't wait to see this movie, which is why I too skimmed this post. Don't want to spoil it ;) xx

  5. i would loooooooooove to see it!
    hope your holidays were FAB! thank you for your sweet comment! you can reach me also on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :)so cu soon!

    xoxo from rome

  6. great movie! hubby took me to see this xmas evening. it was a good way to end the day. and i have always wanted to see swan lake.

  7. I saw this film a couple weeks ago and thought it was so fab!! Disturbing, yet fab. Hehe. :P

    I agree, Natalie deserves all the awards for it. I hope she gets an Oscar. I heard she practiced ballet for five hours a day for seven days a week for a year just so she could do her own dancing in the film!! Crazy!!

    I hope you had a great Christmas. xoxo

  8. I've been wanting to see this movie, but didn't want it to turn into ballet freak show. After reading your review I think that I am just going to wait for it to come out on DVD :) And watch it just for the sake of costumes!

    Great post,
    Hi Antoine,
    I would be honored, definitely count me in. When would you like to receive the images?

    Happy Holidays,
    ♥ Marta from With Love...

  9. Oh can't wait to see this, because yes it certainly intrigues me!


  10. So I saw the film and loved it. I didn't expect to jump and gasp during it but I did. I latched onto my friend a couple of times, too. I think Natalie Portman did a brilliant job and she deserves an Oscar nomination. I thought Mila Kunis basically played herself, she's always the care free, laid back beauty in films...but she still did a great job.

    Happy New Year!



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