Sunday, January 16, 2011

black is back... and still kinda boring...

eva longoria is a babe. no arguments there. and poor lady has had a hell of a tough year, but in this zac posen she just looks hot. the cutout in the back is AH-mazing. her body is so out of control, so why this gown is simple it is in no way basic or boring. the cute is brilliant. and no one wheres a nude lip like this chick. HOT. 
so, this isn't the best, but this oscar de la renta is still very classy and i love her simple pony and liquid liner and red lips. the dress is really dull, but it was her first award show so i think she played it safe. so i ain't mad her. she'll get better at it because come on... she's so cute. 
so, i literally started watching dexter this morning. i'm obsessed already. 4 episodes and i can't stop. so i can't wait to get to julia stiles character. i think i have a while to go ;) but she looks pretty. her hair and makeup are lovely. this romana kevaza is pretty dull. the shoulder is pretty, but the bodice and skirt is a bit too jennifer garner in oscar de la renta at the oscars. so not very exciting.
okay... little jayma mayes is super cute and i love ms. pillsbury/stamos and she is normally so sweet and pretty, so i can appreciate that she is breaking out from her normal cutesy style. but this alberta ferretti really doesn't work for me. the hair is very veronica lake, but this all just looks a bit forced. 
i don't know why i don't ever seem to love what amy adams wears... but i don't like it. this just seems so blah and blah and blah. she is so bright and bubbly and fiercely talented, but this look just looks drab. she is so much better than this... i expect more at the oscars lady!!!
whoaza!!!! that's a lot of skin. halle berry and i have a sordid past... she won an oscar that should've gone to nicole kidman and i've been bitter ever since... don't get me started on how she ruin catwoman. dude, i still hope to be catwoman when i grow up... whenever that happens... this nina ricci just doesn't do it for me. i mean she is stunning, clearly, but this gown is more mtv than golden globes. not awesome.
this chick is stunning. omg. beautiful. jennifer lawerence is a total knockout and this louis vuitton almost works for me. from the waist up it's perfect. i absolutely adore the bodice, love. her hair and makeup are super chic, but that skirt just doesn't work for me. i am not a fan of chacha skirts. and it just makes the dress a fail for me. sorry. but it does.
ugh. julliane hough is a dancer and country singer... please explain why she is at the globes... and wearing this depressing dress. the fit of the gown is nice and her makeup is very pretty, but the garish neckline and helmet hair just spoil this look for me. i think simplicity is in right now and maybe she has been too busy dancing with sorta-stars to read a fashion mag, but this isn't working at all in my book. pretty girl, ugly dress. 

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  1. Is it just me? or does Mila look high/drugged out of her mind? Something in her eyes. Maybe she was nervous as hell! Regardless, I heart her and she looks FAN-FLIPPING-TASTIC!



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