Sunday, January 16, 2011

come on, really!?!

so, is it just me or is christina aguilera looking a lil' plump!? is she the p word? because if i recall she totally looked this plump when she was preggo with baby 1. and this way to tight zuhair murad is not helping her fashion cause. the bodice needs to be a good 2 inches higher on her boobies. and somebody needs to do something with that hair... for the love of god that hair... this is pretty terrible...
dear sweet mother of god. helena bonham carter is a crazy. a straight up crazy. a crazy who can act her ass off, but crazy nonetheless. this is just such a hot damn mess that i don't even know where to begin. i mean she's wearing two different shoes... that's just not normal. at all.
whhhooooaaaa big boobies. i don't quite understand how christina hendricks likes to dress herself. this romana keveza is almost okay until you get to the shoulder where it just transforms into a monster. it looks like a 3rd collarbone boob. it's just so unflattering. i mean she's a bombshell and she manages to make herself look like the hunchback of notre dame. 
natalie portman is beautiful. talented. stunning. beautiful. and did i mention talented. and she usually dresses brilliantly, but so much is wrong with this look. the shape of this viktor&rolf dress is perfect for her little bun in the oven, but the rose detail is just ridiculous and the necklace totally doesn't seem to go. and her hair is totally lopsided... she deserves every award she wins for this film, but with this dress she will not be winning any best dressed lists. why wouldn't she enlist the help of her besties over at rodarte!?!? she is so beyond gorgeous and her skin is just beautiful, but this look is not a win. 
poor jennifer love hewitt. why won't this chick hire a stylist!? she is so pretty, always has been, but she totally has this audrey hepburn mentality, so the hair and makeup are no big surprise. vomit. but this romona kevaza just swallows her whole. the crumb catcher is ridiculous... like clown proportions. i think it's the fact that you can't quite tell if it's a natural waist or an empire waist!? i mean her boobs look like triple f's and it's just not great. while the band helps show off her waist the skirt just piles on the pounds... she's far to hot to wear such a sad dress.
holy tatas batman. this is just... wow. needless to say my husband thought this versace was a great look. eye roll. yeah. i think it's just vulgar. i'm all for showing a wee bit of skin, but this is just inappropriate for this ceremony. on top of that, the fit isn't that great and something seems off with the straps are they supposed to be uneven or are they unraveling? yeah, don't like this one bit. 


  1. I wonder what would happen if Natalie Portman and that hot vampire kid from Twilight had a baby.

  2. Totally agree with your January Jone pick, way to much skin for this event! Also, Jennifer love Hewitt's dress is the opposite of flattering.

  3. Helena looks like one big hot mess! Not a fan!

  4. I was so disappointed with Natalie's dress. She could have done SO much better! That flower was just retarded. I wasn't a fan of Michelle Williams's dress either. Right on with all of your picks! Helena has a crazy fashion sense but she was awesome in The King's Speech.

  5. Is this what I missed while Paul watched survival shows? um... the boat made out of a buffalo... while absolutely revolting... was way more fashionable than this! at least the boat had a fur coat ;)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. Agree, as if I wrote this post! Christina Aguilera looks like her perfume bottle... and we have similar favourites :)
    check it out

  7. Yeah Xtina def isn't looking her best in that dress haha

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