Monday, January 24, 2011

critics choice awards 2011

so, the 16th annual critics choice awards were last weekend and geez, we all forgot. admit it! you didn't watch 'em!!! but i thought they were worth a mention 'cause let's face it... there was a lot of ugly going on. there was some pretty too... we'll start with the good...
not sure why i like this azzaro so much. maybe because i love emily blunt so much. i just adore the cut of this dress. it fits like a freaking glove. and it's just classy. i like it... so sue me.
how effing perfect is michelle williams!?!? she understands her style better than most folks. it just always works. always. and this balenciaga is just out-of-control. omg. love. the little scalloped edges on the bodice and the giant ones on the hemline just make me so happy. my lord i wish i could chop off all my hair. so beautiful.
i literally had no idea who this was when i saw her... it's emma stone as a bleached blonde! crazy right!? i did like a quadruple take. blonde or brunette or red head, this chick is stunning. and balenciaga is two for two, cause this dress is ah-mazing!!!! and the chain neckline and the brilliant pewter color is just genius. and whoever does her eyebrows is a genius.
yay, pregs natalie portman. doesn't she just glow!?!? this gianfranco ferre gown is simple and dainty. perfect for her. i hope she wins an oscar... well, i honestly just can't wait to see what she wears, the statue would just be a great accessories.
how stinking cute is mandy moore!? this monique lhuillier gown is not exciting or new, but it looks brilliant on her. the color is genius with her skin. and the earrings just work. this is a major win in my book.
i love eva mendes. and i love this valentino dress. it's different and avant garde, but still simple and fun. i love the sheer black lace over the nude slip. so hot. she is just so unbelievably stunning. everything about this is ah-mazing.
this is newcomer jennifer lawerence. if you haven't seen "winter's bone" you should, i've heard it's genius. she is a beautiful girl, but this dress makes her look 45 years old... she's 20. so this is definitely not my first choice, but i'll give her a few points because it fits well... overall... eh.
i know a ton of people would say that this is a straight up hell no, but tilda swinton is a special one. she's a bit odd, to say the least, but she really does have an interesting fashion voice. this lanvin is no exception. it's pretty brilliant and i love the shoes. she still kinda scares the shit out of me though... just saying. 
amy adams is so adorable. love her. but i have to say this carolina herrera gown leaves much to be desired. it's just kinda dull. the neckline is interesting, but over than that... boring.
so, i wasn't sure if i liked this roland mouret on julianne moore. but the more i look at it. it's kinda wonderful. the neckline and waist is fabulous!!! and the hemline is sexy and tasteful all at the same time. and the shoes are pretty genius too... hmmmm... yeah. i definitely like this.
wow. sorry mila kunis. this nina ricci just doesn't work for me. and the shoes. AHHH! if you are 4 feet tall you don't wear shoes with ankle bows like that... she looks 2 feet tall. she is always gorgeous, but this is not as fabulous as she can be. it's more meg griffin less serious golden globe nominated actress. 
so this is an amber rose, whatever that means. and this is by definition a hot damn mess. what in the hell was this chick thinking!? she just has way too much going on... the hair, the tattoo, the tacky necklace and bracelet. i just can't past all of the chaos.
holy bananas. why is the 2nd tier kardashian invited to a movie awards show!?!? i see she dyed her hair... it's not that bad. she looks much better as a brunette though, in my own personal opinion.  the dress is blumarine... and i don't particularly hate it, but it's not awesome. her body looks great, but i think the hair washes her out. then the dress looks washed out too. ugh, will reality stars just disappear!
oh dear freaking lord. what the hell is wrong with helena bonham carter!?!? this chick is so far off her rocker that it's not even funny!!!! wow. she proves that talent and style are not mutually exclusive...
this is keri hilson. i like her music, but i am NOT a fan of this ensemble. i don't like anything about it. the crispy blonde hair with visible roots. the ugly forever 21 dress. and those weird ass shoes. it doesn't work for me one bit!!! this is not how a pretty girl dresses.
nicole. nicole. nicole. no bueno. this fit is all off. she looks lumpy. nina ricci is not working for me at this show. at all. i will say her face looks a little bit toned down... the cheeks are still a bit much, but the lips and the forehead look relatively normal... so hopefully she's toning that stuff down.
sofia vergara is perfect. right!? she's hot. funny. got a body to die for... but i am not a fan of her recent red carpet looks. this temperely london is also just not working for me. she looks like she wrapped her hot body in aluminum foil. not the best look. i mean that's a lot of smushed boobie.
okay. so i've been coveting elle fannings recent style, but this valentino is not doing the trick... she is 12 freaking years old... and this just looks sooooo grandma. come on. i expect more from a fanning. i mean aren't they all supposed to be freakishly smart and stylish. she really has proven to know her style, i'm sure by time she's 14 she'll be an old pro...
uhhhhhhh. so sick of these people. this color is great on her. and the neckline and waist is just about perfect, but the ruffles on the bottom are so played out. it's way to chacha. vera wang has done this before and better. just see charlize theron at the 2000 oscars. and this chicka needs to stop with all the injectables. come on. i mean she's a stunning girl and she is ruining her face. not a fan. 

okay, so what do you think!? did you actually watch the show? or did you forget too!? who do you love? hate!? do you disagree or agree with my choices!? let's play. leave a comment. let the games begin. 


  1. lol...i love your reviews! I felt like i was really listening to a fashion commentator while reading your post! You could totally kick Cojo out of job!

  2. Love this review, thanks for the run down, to be honest I'm not particularly taken with any of these dresses, but if I had to choose I'd say Emma Stone's is probably my favourite :)

    Thanks for the comment on my blog xxx

  3. tilda's amazing!!!
    Love your comments! thank you! hope you know that k come karolina is also on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :) so cu soon!!!

    xoxo from rome

  4. Two things: Elle Fanning? WTF and That turtleneck is HEINOUS. FAIL!!!

  5. Emma Stone is a goddess, whether she has red hair, blonde hair, or blue hair. :)

    I agree with you on all of these.

    PS. I screwed up my e-mail so I apologize for not getting back to you. :S

    PPS. Aren't the Oscars coming up pretty soon? I want to link my blog back to your Oscar red carpet coverage when the time comes. I hope that's okay! I'm really excited for your commentary! And I'm too lazy to do my own. Hahaha! ;) Anyway, just give me the head's up when you're going to post it and I'll schedule my post accordingly. xo

  6. Great picks! My favorites are Kim and Mila.. they are both absolutely fabulous! Great post!

    VPV Intern

  7. Great blog :)

    I follow you and if you wanna, you can follow me too ;)

  8. Helena's clutch is cool, and I love Portman's dress!!

    ...OH MY VOGUE!

  9. i agree with your post! nice reviews! i like mila kunis gown, simple yet chic! :-)




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