Monday, January 31, 2011

sag awards 2011. i can't complain... too much.

and the award shows keep coming!!!! the sag awards were on sunday night and they brought hollywood out in fine form! i really didn't hate much. i think that it was a great fashion parade and i think that all of the actor awards were well deserved. hooray the king's speech!!!! best movie i've seen in years. genius. ah. i can't stop thinking about how good it was. in my wildest dreams i can't imagine acting with such superb actors. okay, enough of my drooling over parts i well never play. the fashion was fairly inoffensive. i feel like oscar de la renta was definitely the designer of the evening, but there were a bunch of lesser known designers as well. okay. let the review begin. 
i loved this. lea michelle rocked the hell out of this oscar de la renta. the bodice is just brilliant and the fit is just perfection. i adore her hair and makeup. i think it just beautiful. very simple, but sassy and just stunning.
i'm loving this versace gown on hilary swank. i feel like it just works. the color is pale, but doesn't wash her out. the gown fits her like a glove. lord she's buff. and i love the hair, i think it softens her face and just looks beautiful.
grrrrrr. sassy mila kunis. love it. this alexander mcqueen is so hot. i love her hair all long and sexy. the deep side part is just brilliant. i love how unfussy she looks. no jewels. she just lets the dress speak. and it says, "hello, my name is fabulous!!"
so i wasn't sure if i liked the azzaro gown on pregs natalie portman. but after watching it move as she walked, it really is fabulous. the fit on her belly is just so perfect. i love the neckline and the bits of sparkle. i'm a fan.
okay. i really liked this look. rosario dawson is a smokin' hot babe so it's hard to make her look bad, but this j.mendel is absolutely perfect. the color is great on her and paired with the jade earring it's just perfect. the cut is so relaxed and i love the asymmetrical slit. really pretty.
okay. you can make fun of me if you want, but i love this prada gown. hailee steinfeld is 14 years old and i feel like this dress is fun and young and totally appropriate. i love it. the colors are just so vibrant and i feel like if an older celebrity was wearing this it would seem like they were trying too hard. i think it works.
okay, i love this girl. heather morris is HILARIOUS and she can dance like it's her job... yes... i suppose it is her job... anywho. this romana kevaza is beautiful. i don't normally love this silhouette, it reminds me of prom, but i think this is just beyond fabulous. she's great.
nurse carol hathaway. that's all julianna margulies will ever be to me. congrats to her for her win. this ysl gown leaves a bit to be a desired. everything about this look is hot... except for the neckline. her boobs like high, pushed together barely a-cups. it's odd. the rest of the look is pretty sassy.
this is totally a dress i could picture cruella deville wearing... kyra sedgwick is wearing theirry mugler. it's just not awesome. the velvet and the pointy sides... weird.
holy boobies batman. sophia vergara is so beyond hot and this roberto cavalli is beyond perfect for her. she definitely needs to wear designers like cavalli which are so ah-mazing for her body. wowza. and it just blows my mind that someone can be so hot and so freaking hilarious. modern family. best. show. ever.
nicole kidman. she's impeccable. she's beautiful. but lately she has not been dressing to impress. when i first saw this nina ricci gown i was not loving it, but then i saw the back. helllllo! beautiful! so even though i'm not the hugest fan. i still have to admit the back is stunning.
dear sweet baby jesus. why does tina fey still dress herself!? this oscar de la renta is ridiculous on her. the raised flowers along the neckline make me wanna throw up. sorry, she's funny, but she does not dress herself well... AT ALL.
geez, could this monique lhuillier be even more of the top!? answer. no. angie harmon is stunning, but the dress is just way too much for this show. the bodice is way too lingerie-like for me. the pony tail is too middle school dance. and i just don't like it.
is kim kardashian an actor? i mean i know she's full of shit and that is a trait generally reserved for actors, but it really bothers me that she gets invited to real award shows. i love the real housewives just like the next girl, but it ends there. if kim or taylor showed up at this award, i'd punch a baby. all of that to say. kim kardashian is NOT an actor. she's a freaking spectacle. this marchesa gown is supremely ugly. it makes her look huge and like she has saggy tots. and is she wearing dyeable's!?!?!? ewwwwww. i could throw up.
claire danes has been looking so great lately that i hate to admit this louis vuitton is not fabulous. her hair is not really done and the makeup is too much for her usually fresh face. i don't like any of it. sorry.
gag. ew. nasty. ew. wow. kate mara is waaaaaaaaay too pretty to wear such an ugly freaking dress. have i mentioned ew. this herve lerger is just disgust. it's like some added a taffeta christmas tree to the bottom of her dress. and then she ripped off a piece and threw it in her hair. waaaay too pretty.
amy adams is so freaking talented. and this herve leroux looks great on her. her body looks sick post baby and this dress just fits her perfectly. i really like it.
dear sweet jesus. what is christina hendricks doing!? this l'wren scott is just not great. the reflection of the  sequins keep you from seeing her actual shape, it all kinda blurs together. perhaps in a different color this would be more flattering, but it's really hard to see her hot bod, it's just black blah.
pretty... this georges hobeika is stunning on eva longoria, it reminds me of a lighter verson of the lanvin natalie portman wore to the 2005 oscars... but she looks so great that i won't knock too many points. the eye makeup is a bit off... and they went a bit overboard with the under eye concealer. still pretty.
jayma mays looks great. this might actually be the best look i've seen on her yet. this jenny packham is so fabulous. like beyond. i love almost all of this look. the only thing off for me are the shoes. too strappy. the sandal chops her off at the ankle, shortening her. a nude peep toe would've been a better choice.
what in god's green christ is winona ryder wearing!? egads! not hot. the hair is just weird and super 90's, which let's face it, is the last time she was on a red carpet. the makeup is way overdone. and what is that horrid bag. ew. a black bag with a white gown... double ew.
i might not hate this. julia stiles looks pretty fabulous. the gown is a bit off. i like ombre hair, but ombre fabric is not usually fabulous. from the bodice up, i'd say it's perfect. almost there kat. that's a reference to 10 things i hate about you, best teenage movie ever made. i may have seen it 100 times. don't judge.
jane krakowski continues on her fabulous maternity red carpet tour. this badgley mischka gown is perfection. her hair and makeup are genius. the earring are perfect. i want. she's hot. she's a hot mama.
january jones is weird, right!? it's not just me, is it? 'cause i find her super weird. this carolina hererra is also kinda weird. it seems better suited by a woman advanced in years. the hair is absolutely ridiculous. where i come from we call that a "kennesaw claw" after women from kennesaw georgia who rock a ridiculously 80's set of bangs. and it's bad. this is bad.
i love this catherine malandrino suit. and i love julie bowen. and i love modern family. i despise her hair. the bangs are bad. do you think pushing them to the side was an afterthought!? if it was a straight fringe that might've worked.
okay. so here we go. dianna agron is rocking this chanel just fine, even though i think it's way too old for her, but i am so not understanding the eyebrows. a strong brow in photo shoot is awesome. love it. but on the red carpet with her california blonde hair is just not doing it for me. she looks very old and she's like 13. that's never good.
way too much dress. amber riley is fab-u-lous. but this dress is swallowing her up and she's a big girl, so that means that's a lot of dress. at the globes, she hit the nail on the head, she looked sexy and voluptuous. but this just doesn't work. from the knee down i hate it.
oh helena. i love her and all of her crazy. she was so brilliant in the kings speech that i have decided i don't give a shit what she wears. she's that good.
yet another oscar de la renta. jennifer lawrence is ridiculous hot, but hot pink and black is way too middle school for me. the dress is ah-mazing. if i could toss the stupid bow belt and add a sparkly, pink and clear band of gemstones around the waist and add a nice tall glitter dipped stiletto and then i would adore this. i'm also not a fan of the eye makeup. way too harsh.

so, tell me. who did you love? hate? are my picks spot on? or did i miss the mark?


  1. Oooh I was hoping you would be covering this red carpet! I saw the show last night (again, mostly just to goggle at the dresses). My favorite was Amy Adams. The dress was so simple and yet so classy and stunning. It fit her like a glove. Gawd, I wish that dress would fit ME like a glove!! LOL!

    I agree with you on the colorful dress Hailee wore. If my 14-year-old were going to an awards show, I would be THRILLED if she chose this dress. There are waaay too many girls her age trying to be glamorous and sexy. I mean, what's the fun of being 20-something and gorgeous if you're going to play it up a decade before you should??

    Great post. :)

    PS. I totally dragged my dad to see The King's Speech yesterday because of your glowing recommendation! We loved it!

  2. Love your post award show fashion round-up! I am pretty much 100% with you on all of your opinions,,especially Lea Michelle, Heather Morris, Sophia Vergara, Tina Fey and sadly even Kim K. (I do have a girl crush on her, its whack i know!) but this dress does nothing for her...
    Loved Evas dress too but you are so right about the ridic amount of under eye concealer!!

  3. I LOVE Mila Kunis' look, so gorgeous!

  4. Awesome post! I just got done watching the Fashion police show with joan lunden, guiliana and kelly. I am really digging Vergara's dress (she is hot) and mila's gorg look.Julia stiles is a hit or miss...i can't decide if that tie dye is too extreme....january jones looks like she has a table cloth on it ...not a fan!

  5. on my local news program, mila kunis was rated the best dressed! and i so agree!

    F. ( x

  6. Follow each other ?

  7. yes agree on the whole, the best dresses are the first few...

    Loving your blog, I'm following!

    Would love you to enter my giveaway:


  8. thanks so much for the SAG updates, theres no freaking internet here for so long that ive missed out on all the fashion.
    helena carter is simply ravishing in all her crazy outfits.. she's awesome just the way she is.
    and heather morris suprised me, she is so frigging beautiful!

  9. How did I not realise that Natalie Portman was pregnant?!! ha.
    But, yes.. Christina Hendricks and January Jones look odd.. even though I LOVE them! And Clare Danes, she looks great!

  10. These are gorgeous.
    Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis, I think, look the hottest. They're both such gorgeous people.

    I love your blog-you have so many cool photos on your sidebar!

  11. christina hendricks is terrifying


  12. Nicole kidman! The white skin contrast with the black lace and dress.

  13. Great post! I love Mila Kunis, Kim Kardashian, and Natalie Portman... It's so cool to see the stars looking so glamorous... I love taking part of their looks and trying to apply them to my looks when I go out :) Very inspiring!

    VPV Intern

  14. You are so spot on all the time with your outfit reviews! My fav has to be Mila Kunis. That girl just keeps getting hotter and hotter.



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