Saturday, January 29, 2011

the vegan who wears fur...

what i'm wearing: vest, top, and boots ann taylor loft; jeans, jbrand; necklaces, gifted from abs

let me explain. it's faux fur. come on, give me some credit. i'm still working on the leather thing... one step at a time. moving on, today i finally got the nerve to wear my furry vest in public. it's genius and is delightfully warm. surprisingly, i didn't feel as ridiculous as i thought i would. and the hubs gave me a sort of compliment by saying "you look like a city girl" loved that. we saw the kings speech and it was absolutely brilliant. i mean words cannot describe how genius of a film it was. i'm predicting lots and lots of oscars. so anywho. there's my bold fashion choice of the week. i think it looks chill and boho and pretty stinkin' cute. 

so tell me... do i look like a crazy hippie? or does the vest kinda work? would you rock this fashion trend? or are you more comfortable in the classics? tell me all about it. 


  1. I'm so excited for you to move out to the west coast where the least risqué thing you could find is a fur vest. :)

  2. u make fur look so darn cute!!!

  3. Yay! so glad you finally got to wear it! =) so super fun!

    Jenn @ Peas and Crayons

  4. You are so adorable in these photos, Lauren!! That vest is fab. :)

    I have a fur (fake) vest that I always feel uncomfortable wearing in public, even though it's super cute. I'm just worried animal lovers (or PETA) will come and throw tomatoes at me or something. Lol.

    PS. I cannot WAIT to see The King's Speech! I keep hearing such awesome things about it.

  5. The vest totally works! The whole outfit is great. I'm not Vegan, I'm a Vegetarian and I'm trying to give up leather and it's hard!

  6. You definitely DO NOT look like a crazy hippie! I love that vest though, especially how you paired it with a soft white blouse - loving the contrast of materials!

    I agree with the King's Speech - wasn't sure if I was going to like it at first but it's one of my favourite movies now.

    Thanks for commenting on my site! Follow me?

  7. your vest is amazing!!

  8. love the vest
    and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog!
    i hope you'll come visit the completely new COSMICaroline again soon with a better layout, revamped outfits, and a new photographer!


  9. You rock with the vest! It still have a hippie vibe but not the crazy one but the good one.

    Learning chinese is going fine. Is there no course where you can learn some tagalog? You can surprise your husband:-).



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