Sunday, January 02, 2011

who looked better than you last year!?

well happy 2011 everyone!!!!! i hope you all had a delightful holiday and are ready to start this year off with a bang!!!! we spent our holidays in pjs, eating food and being lazy. it was genius. speaking of genius, last year offered a ton of ah-mazing fashion moments and i thought to start this year off right we should take a look back at some of my favorite looks of 2010.
so, hands down the most genius look of 2010. diane kruger, light of my life, rocked this jason wu gown hard at the sag awards. absolutely everything about this look is perfect. it makes me want to add something marigold to my life. and the lipstick and ruby earrings are just the most beautiful compliment to the gown. love. love. love. 
 how easy. breezy. and romantic is this d&g look on emily blunt!!! it's so fairy princess, but it's styled perfectly so she doesn't look like she's wearing a costume. i love the stacks of diamond bangles and the tousled hair. it's a perfect balance of ease and sophistication. she's a hottie.
i love this d&g combo. kristen stewart is just one of my favorites. on the red carpet she dresses for her age and for her lifestyle, but with a little more pizazz. she gets it. i love the simple chain necklace and the messy dirty extension ponytail. it's so effortless, yet so effing rock star. love. her. 
 this prada gown is brilliant. all of the little baubles are miniature forks, knives, shovels, and other random household accessories. how much freaking fun is that!?!?!? and only someone as adorable and quirky as carey mulligan could pull this look off. she is so flipping cute, she just looks like a little doll with her porcelain skin and bleached pixie. obsessed with this look.
don't ask me why, but i adore this giraffe print dvf on jessica biel. the look is styled brilliantly and it just looks so comfortable... but still so sexy.
 my fellow vegan, ginnifer goodwin, rocked this valentino frock!!! i love the sheer red lace over the nude fabric. and the perfect pixie hair and subtle cat eye just makes this look work. not to mention those grey suede shoes are HOOOOT. i want this dress.
 kate beckinsale had tons of ah-mazing looks, but this gucci frock she wore to cannes just blew me away. there is nothing bad that you can say about this look. it's gorgeous. she looks like old hollywood glamour through and through.
 i can't put into words how much i love this look. sjp can't do much wrong as far as i'm concerned and this lanvin just proves how she just gets fashion. the color is absolutely lovely and paired with the loose curls and her pinky nude shoes, she doesn't need any other big accessories. she's a pro.
oh how i love sienna miller. she wears fashion so well and so easily. i freaking love this matthew williamson dress. i love the bronze shimmer, it's such a sophisticated way to wear a metallic, but the edition of the ankle bootie she adds her personal modern touch. the coral lipstick is ah-mazing. 

so, those are a few of my favorite looks of 2010. what about you? who were your faves? did i forget any? what are your new years resolutions? any good ones? 


  1. oh wow, love all these outfits. My faves were Kristen Stewart and Sienna Miller!! xx

  2. I really adore the outfits. I'm not sure who my favorite celebrity-fashionista is though. Nor do I have any resolutions - pretty boring aren't I? :)


    Hahaha just kidding. ;)

    Seriously, I love your picks, especially the first one. That shade of gold is STUNNING and Diane looks like a princess. Or a golden era movie star. Wow. And I love how that color compliments a lot of different skin tones. It's rare when I see something on a blonde that I would rock myself! ;)

    Happy New Year, Lauren! xoxo

  4. SJP, she's always more stylish than.. well, anyone really!

  5. I REALLY LOVE your blog. im following you know, and hope you'll follow back :)



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