Thursday, February 03, 2011

bumming it like a celeb...

the inspiration:
my take:
what i'm wearing: cardigan, target; tee and jeans, gap; hat, old navy; & flats, steve madden.

okay, so it's true that this is from the old house, but i thought i'd share some of my backlogged celebrity dress ups. i had them saved for a certain "corporate mega company" that decided to go in another direction. boo. down with the man. anywho. i love this look. it's easy breezy, but still decidedly chic. i am obsessed with any and all hats, but i love a big flopsy beret. i think with your hair down they just look so sassy. and omg, i am ob-sessed with those flats. i'm sure by next spring that steve madden will have a similar style. this is like the perfect running errands or quick lunch with a friend outfit. love it.

so tell me, did i capture the feeling of good ole ashley tisdale's outfit? or did i totally miss the mark? would you wear this outfit? yes? no?


  1. "keep calm and carry on"! where did you get that?

  2. you rock in this outfit!!

  3. Wow you definitely know how to make "bum" look chic! I love your inspiration, and the outfit is super cute :) Love!

    VPV Intern

  4. super cute! i really love this :)

  5. You totally nailed this look!

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  6. I thought the first picture was you until I scrolled down! Love the look! You did it great!

  7. if i had neglected reading the text, i would have thought that you're the same girl with the one on the first photo! Love your stripeys and beanie!!!

  8. wow. you've pulled out the look really really nicely !

  9. You nailed it! You look fab my dear!

  10. You kinda look like her!

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    Keep dressing like a celebrity girl!

  11. Nailed it! Great look.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for you lovely comment.


  12. Wow that totally looks like you in the first photo! You nailed this look down perfectly!! I love it. :)

  13. Thanks a lot for your comment!
    Is that your livingroom? Looks very cool!
    I really like your blog so maybe we can follow each other?

  14. adorable duh.

    fun finds for you:


  15. Oh, I absolutely ADORE your take on Ashley's look! It's positively darling and so flattering on you.
    xo Josie

  16. Love the outfit! Very comfy and relaxed looking :) I love your "Keep Calm and Carry On" picture - I have that on a coffee mug :P

  17. You look fab, like a real celebrity!
    Love it girl and I like the whole concept of your post.

  18. ooh ooh, I had on a similar look yesterday. I love it!

  19. Love the look as a celeb !
    let's follow each other
    i'm following you ! beijos or xo



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