Sunday, February 13, 2011

lady gaga ruins everything...

first off, not even lady gaga could ruin how excited i am for zac brown band!!!! they won their second grammy tonight and i am just beyond thrilled for them!!!! HOORAY!!!
i tried to enjoy the show, but i couldn't get lady gaga arriving in that stupid egg thing... it honestly ruined my night. why?!!?! why, do we let that crazy chick dictate what's original... she's insane. i want so badly to support her because i think it's brilliant all the work she does for gay rights, but i really can't get behind her ridiculous antics, stupid costumes, and her desperate need for attention. she just seems to try way too damn hard and i'm not buying the shit she's selling. she is so freaking absurd that i feel like me continuing to talk and speculate about her motives are exactly what she wants. so i'm done. i'll continue to run on the treadmill to "bad romance" but she has no place on my blog. ugh. uber annoyed.
perhaps i am way out of the loop, but i have no idea who this is...  nicki minaj?!? i have no idea. i do know that this givenchy creation is just as insane as i would expect from the grammy fashion. like whoa. what in the hell is going on inside your head that this seems like the best option!? creative people are nuts. i will say that her body looks banging, but dear sweet jesus... this is a lot of look. lotta look. wow.
hello see through gown!!!! leave it to rihanna to rock a crazy sheer john paul gaultier gown. i sorta dig it. i mean, the fit is beyond perfection, sure it looks ridiculous, but in a fabulously fashion forward sorta way. plus, she's wearing glittery pasties. and that means dedication in my book. i do kinda wish she'd ditch the red hair and go back to the awesome edgy cut with the shaved parts and blonde.
come on folks!?!?! did we learn nothing from heidi and spencer!? if you stop inviting them to big events and stop putting them on the covers of magazines then they disappear! i mean, imagine it, a world without the jersey shore!!!!! iq's all over the world would instantly rise!!! instantly!!! with all of that said this is not the worst snooki has ever looked. in fact this look is, dare i say, mild for her.
 who is this? um, no.
oh dear, dear, dear. monica. this is definitely not my favorite look. the dress is sorta interesting and fashion forward, but the makeup and hair... hmm how do i say this, looks like she should be singing duets with brandy. it looks like the 90's vomited on her head. and i mean she's hot. like super hot, so this is just unacceptable.
now, i love haley williams. love. love. love her. but dear sweet baby jesus. what is this!?!? nothing about this works. not even for the crazy grammys. the sheer tights. the silly bangs. the weird shoes. the pink fluffy stuff. hmmm. it's a good thing she's rad talented cause this is just yuckola. 
 i don't get it. she's beautiful. stunning. but why is she everywhere!? and this kauffman franco gown is not doing it for me. it reminds me of my prom gown in 2000. wow, i'm old. but yeah. this is terrible and the shoes are disgust with this look. a rare occasion where nude shoes just don't work. a strappy bronze or gold sandal would've worked better. her hair and makeup are beautiful, as always. i just don't get her.
oh florence... so i love florence and the machine and i realize that she is a bit of a wacka-doo, so this really isn't nearly as crazy as it could've been. and honestly, i am beyond in love with the back of this givenchy dress. the orange on her skin tone is just perfection. the rest of the dress is just eh. 
how much they hate me? very. kiss girls like katy perry. that was a little pre-review rap. okay. hmm. where to start. her hair and makeup are actually not offensive. i even really like her hair. the top of the dress is okay, but the skirt is just so weird. i know that mr. armani made this for her, but with the wings, this just goes way overboard. i don't think i quite understand her "schtick." she could be beautiful, but it's like she terrified to just be stunning. she doesn't need all of the gimmicks. 
 natasha bedingfield leaves much to be desired in this odd gown. i don't know what bothers me more the sequined/floral mess or the hair!? it all seems too costumey. not a fan.
could someone please explain why eva longoria is EVERYWHERE lately. is desperate houswives even still on television!? i know the post breakup glow is in full affect, but i'm really not loving this ashi studi ensemble. very been there, done that.
holy bananas. what has happened to the front of jordin sparks gown!? this is so middle aged i can barely stand it. too young and too pretty to be wearing this nonsense. and the makeup!? where is it?
so this is weird, right?! pregnant selma blair at the grammys in a muumuu... oooookay. who's she married to? this is beyond strange. i kinda like the dress and the train keeps it from looking ridiculously casual, but overall i'm just confused. 
how hot is heidi klum? answer. oh so very hot. she just looks like a tall, skinny, sexy babe. i mean this dress just drips off of her like liquid gold. i think that klum makes the dress work, on any other lady i might think this is too much. she can definitely pull it off.
ciara's goodies make the boys jump on it. this pucci is hot. ciara is hot. end of story.
now, i'm pretty sure this young lady is doing "the biebs" and that kinda makes me want to puke in my mouth, but i have to say lil' selena gomaz looks ah-mazing. i heart j.mendel and this gown is no exception. absolutely breathtaking.
now, i'm pretty sure this lady is doing "seacrest" and that also makes me want to vomit... but all kidding aside, ms. hough is rocking this malandrino dress. i love the neckline, the ruffles, the colors, the hair. i think it's beautiful. and this is the best i've seen her look ever. love. it. 
ohmyholyfreakinglord. jennifer hudson in versace = perfection. she is a goddess. try to say something bad about this and i will judo chop you in the neck. the end. 
wowzas. kelly osbourne is a hottie. this tadashi shoji is very similar to the marchesa that diane kruger wore to an event in new york last year. so i feel like it's been waaaaay done before and by a fashion icon no less, but honestly she looks so hot that i'm not even going to hold it against her. FIERCE.
i think that my darling love, nicole kidman, looks absolutely stunning. i love this silhouette on her. very reminiscent of her road to oscar in 2003. and her hair is perfection. i really feel like she's starting to understand her botox levels, cause it really looks sooooo much better. she looks fantastic.
ggggeeeezzzzeeee. jenny from the block is looking insanely hot. wow. wow. wow. what can i say bad about this. her body. hot. her hair. hot. her shoes. hot. her makeup. hot. i mean.... what else is there!?!
i am so over her extensions. yawn. 
and to end it, some glee kids. i love both of these looks and dresses. call me crazy, but i think these both work on many levels. dianna agron is rocking the hell out of this vivienne westwood. i mean, so hot. i love her lil' fauxhawk and the gritty rocker makeup. the shoes are the only thing i don't quite understand. a little too matronly with the look. some angry rock and republic spiked heels or some rad sandals would've been better. and naya rivera. holy crap this girls legs are like 2 thousand miles long. bitch. i know this dress looks like it has a tail, but i like it... i do. i love the neckline and the weird skirt. i really do. i know it's not my finest pick. i will say her hair looks a hot damn mess. definitely needs some work. maybe like an ironic holly golightly updo.

okay, so that's the 2011 grammys in a nutshell! what did you think of the fashion? am i spot on? or do you dare disagree? does lady gaga make you wanna punch justin beiber in the face? who were your favorites of the evening? do tell!!!


  1. could not agree more. Lady GaGa needs to exit stage left. Also, wtf..when did Snookie get plastic surgery?

    The grammy's are always such a fashion shit show. Why? Why can't musicians at least try?

    xoxo, MG

  2. She is so weird. Doesn't know what else to invent. My Mom says that even her music is imitation Madonna. (and that Madonna actually had talent!) haha.

    x X

  3. Woah some of those are so nasty XD and UGH I HATE LADY GAGA!!! Haha...ugh ugh ugh, good to see someone else dislikes her
    the one in the green dress is from American Idol, I can't remember her name though (shame on me)
    Jennifer looks AMAZING

  4. I love your take on red carpet events ; ) I don't understand Lady Gaga sometimes but I love her any way. Egg incubation and all!

    The American Idol in the green dress is Crystal Bowersox.

  5. It's true, Snookie looks so.. young here and that is just odd. Jennifer Hudson blew all these ladies out of the water. That woman is gorgeous here!

  6. and yes lady gaga is so crazy!!
    excellent review of yesterday's grammys

  7. I'm convinced a lot of people just show up at the Grammy's in the ugliest thing they can find. That has to be some of their reasoning...

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  9. ooohh..
    how i love love love your red carpet reviews lo!!!!

    does anyone else have an anxiety attack when they watch lady gaga in interviews??? because i do. like full on need- a- xanax- panic- attack.
    her voice shakes when she talks & it makes me so nervous I cant even hear what she is saying.

    jLo wins best dressed for me! her hair and makeup are always incredible and she just gets it. perfection.


    nicole kidman..she seems so nice she really does but i feel like the must have stolen the uber pricey silk pillows from our formal living room and made herself a dress for the grammys.

    katy perry....OMG. This is just too much. You are too pretty to rock this wreck.

    kim k. .. I have to disagree with my bFf on this..
    i thought kimmy looked GORGEOUS. I thought the dress was stunning and really sexy (without too much cleavage b/c of the way the fabric lays). I must agree with your shoe comments though..

  10. Ummm yeah, there were a lot of nutjobs at the Grammys this year. I was kind of stunned/disappointed.

    The egg thing just made me roll my eyes. I used to LOVE Lady Gaga. I thought she was refreshing at first. But now, I'm tired of her crazy antics. I still love her music, but sheesh. :S

    I freaking LOVED Jenny From the Block. That's my girl! Maybe she will start being cool again. Like she was back when I was 14. Hahaha.

  11. I'm sorry, but I don't agree with you about Gaga. :)
    Gaga arrived in an egg , and ... so what ?
    she's got many interesting ideas but .. the most important thing is that she is always herself.
    By the way, lovely blog ! :)
    PS Thank you for your lovely comment ! :)

  12. Love your commentary on the award show and totally agree with 99.9% of it. (I think Rihanna looked soooo hot in the Gaultier; yes, it's a wild dress, but it's totally her.) xo style, she wrote

  13. I think Florence's dress is so gorgeous. x

  14. yeah, the fashion was all kinds of crap at the grammys!

    but yeah, nicki minaj is kinda a big deal right now...even in that getup!

  15. I'm never a big fan of Grammys looks -- but I thought Selena Gomez looked AMAZING!
    xo Josie

  16. I thought I was the only one that thought Lady Gaga is always a bit over the top (e.g. wearing sheer clothing to your sister's graduation, come on).

    Totally agree on J. Lo and Heidi unfair. I liked Eva's look but also have no idea what she's doing at the Grammys.

  17. I try to have a more positive attitude :D These ladies have a very different personal style to my own, but I still think they look fabulous.


  18. Love your blog. Now following. Hope you'll follow me back.

    Check out my blog if you've got time and feel like it. It would mean a lot. I've just started.

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  19. bahahaha. 'um, no'
    i so agree with like everything you said. rihanna's hair looks god awful, lady gaga as cool as she can be sometimes, is just RIDICULOUS and nicole kidman always is impeccably dressed :)

    F. ( x

  20. I was a fan of Lady Gaga from the beginning until Bad Romance. Anything after that, everything seemed to get annoying. Loved your commentary on the red carpet dresses!

  21. hahahahaha you are quite funny! this was really enjoyable!
    i agree that the egg thing was a bit much, but i do think she is talented. i agree with most of your commentary though!

  22. My favorite one is by far J.Lo! What an amazing dress she's wearing, I am totally jealous!

    Froso from Style Nirvana

  23. beside J-lo, I was dissapointd by the choice of the other ladies. What were they thinking. Fashion Police ASAP. Maybe we can follow each other?

  24. Mmm interesting post! :) well, I can say I totally agree that Gaga is insane! :P

    Haru x

  25. s.blair looks gorgeous!!! :)
    Thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! I hope you know that k come karolina is also on bloglovin, facebook and twitter :) so cu soon!!!
    oh! and there's a GIVE-AWAY on my blog! :)

    xoxo from rome

  26. Definitely agree with you about Lady GaGa...I loved her and her music back in the good ol' days of "Poker Face", but I'm not really loving anything since then - she's trying to be more of a pop culture icon than a my opinion.

    Definitely agree with your opinions about Jennifer Hudson, Heidi Klum and Kelly Osbourne! Definitely some of the best look of this award's season!

    Thanks for commenting on my blog!

  27. haha this is so great! xo

  28. This was the best Grammy recap I have read, you are absolutely HILARIOUS!! I agree with you 100% on everything :-)



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