Tuesday, February 22, 2011

my temporary humble abode... pt. 2

so, at long last here is the 2nd and final part of my temporary humble abode. the rest of my house is either very messy or empty, so no more house posts until we move ;) currently, we live in a very stock neighborhood in the suburbs, so i try to make every inch of the space livable and interesting, but since we are downsizing in preparation to move to cali the spare rooms are very empty... and don't get me started on my dining room table... why do men walk in the house and immediately throw all of their shit on to the table!!! NO!!!! there is a very messy man cave/ office for all of that nonsense. lord help me if we end up in a studio loft. yikes. i'll have to blog about space saving solutions in a few months. any who.

my comfy, cozy bedroom is probably my favorite room in the house. i LOVE my bed. so comfy and so bright. the bedding is from urban outfitters and i am obsessed! and thank the lord, we finally bought a bed last fall! the double decker bed from CB2 is ah-mazing. it's low like a platform, but still sits off the ground enough for our big dog hammond to sleep underneath. both dressers are from ikea. it's almost perfect. i'm still looking for the perfect thing to hang over our bed. the picture there now is from previous bedding. any interesting ideas on what to put there would be greatly appreciated.
for funsies, i thought i'd let you into my insane closet. it's crazy packed, so i have been trying really hard to only buy things that i am IN LOVE with. quality verses quantity is my motto these days. i'm terrified of the size of my closet in california. yikes. what am i gonna do with all of these shoes!?! haha. 

so there you go, that's my bedroom and closet. do all the stacks of books and cluttered areas make you make you break out in hives!? or do you appreciate my boho-eclectic-shabby-cluttered chic? any good ideas for what to hang over my bed? what about the closet? how do you store your shoe collection? is 25 pairs of jeans too much?!


  1. Let's just say this: good luck packing all this crap - esp your closet! lol. I kid. But seriously, there are naked people somewhere.



  2. i have that same little black clock! also, if you could paint this room...would you and what color?!

  3. I love your boho-chic room! Your closet looks like mine - like it needs to be about four times as big to fit everything in it. And yes, I hate it when my significant other drops everything on the dining table when he comes home, there's nothing more annoying! grrrr

  4. i love it! and i love the picture of you and two hottie chicas :) hehe!

  5. LOVE your bed covers. Mine are so dull in comparison. Swaps? x hivennn

  6. Awesome bedding! I am kind of jealous of your decorating style at this point. And WOW holy closet! Now I'm definitely jealous.
    ps - how do you constantly move and take all that with you?? That is talent!

  7. I love your bedroom, Urban Outfitters always has the best bedding.


  8. I always love seeing the closet of other people ! I like it like that !

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  9. Ahh...you're the Lauren that Jen made that caaauuute jewelery hand for! It will go great in your room!!

    Thanks again for stopping by my blog!! :)



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