Tuesday, March 22, 2011

hair: a retrospective.

my sister in law is brilliant on many levels. she's one of the coolest, chillest, most fabulous people i've ever known. she's also a freaking brilliant hair stylist. she did my hair a week ago and we discussed all of the styles and colors my hair has been in the last ten years that she has been styling my hair. i lost all of my photos from college when my old computer died, tear, so here are my favorite hairdos from the past 4 years. enjoy hair: a retrospective.  
holly, me, & hubs
i must have asked her for honey highlights, she prefers dark on me. this is the only college picture i have. my bangs are all sorts of wonky. i def styled these poorly.  
my head shots, the ones that should get me work, but don't. my hair is actually really short for me. i loved this cut, my hair curled so easy. adored this bang. 
my hair was light here, really rich color though. i rocked this bang for a long time. 
my rockstar shag. love my hair this dark. i feel so exotic. and yes, it's a twilight shirt. shut it. 
the greek boys loved me and my hair. i love the richness of the color. the layers are still short, but it's a great length. loooove my bangs. 
rock n' roll hair. it's a little longer this time. still really piecey. my hair curled so freaking awesome. this is also one of my favorite outfits. 
 my hair was getting freakishly long at this point. and i loved it. i didn't want to cut any off. it's the first time in years that i grew my bangs out. 
luckily, holly didn't want to cut it either. we just colored it and let it grow. 
i loved this hair. just letting it grow. keeping the color simple. no bangs. 
this color was genius. i felt so sexy with this hair. it just curled ah-mazingly. 
we still didn't cut the ends this time... but i wanted ombre hair. she didn't want to go crazy and do it too light. i adored it. 
and as of last week this is my new hair. i needed a rad change. no one is hiring me, i'm moving to california, and i just wanted to be bold. i am soooo crazy blonde. she cut a very 70's middle parted bang that i can swoop from side to side depending on my move. we cut the super dead ends off so it's a tad shorter, but i am just absolutely in love with it. i really feel sassy.

so, tell me. are you adventurous with your hair? or do you tend to do the same thing over and over? do you trust your stylist completely? or do you call the shots? what are you doing next with your hair?


  1. Love the new look! Going to see Holly in two weeks. Any suggestions?

  2. I MISS HOLLY! I've never had my hair look as good as when she cut it. Uhg. Love the retrospective... hate how depressed I suddenly feel about not having a Holly of my own. Do you think she'd come to Seattle and cut my hair in exchange room and board?

  3. I am SO envious!! Your hair looks smokin hot in ALL these photos. It seems you have never had a bad hair day in the past four years. Lucky girl. :)

    I love your new look. It's gorgeous, sexy, and daring. Perfect, really.

    I'm boring with my hair, I'm afraid. I have never dyed it because of my mom. She's dyed it so many different colors over the past 30 years, her hair is now straw. It frightens me. Haha.

    And the last time I cut it (above my chin) I ended up looking like the little boy from The Jungle Book. :( So sad. Long boring brown hair for me!

    I hope you're having an awesome week so far. xoxo

  4. I love all of them, you have a great head of hair. The rockstar shag looks great on you but I love the new look, it's very bold & exciting.
    I used to change my hair all the time, with cuts & color (very bold reds) but I dyed my hair black 2 ago & havent changed it since. I'm getting highlights soon though.

  5. As we have already discussed, I la la love your new look. I really want to do something fun with my hair but I don't know what. Don't even say bangs - I'm growing those bad boys o-u-t. Color? I don't know...and I REFUSE to cut it. Leaves me with tons of options, right? Hahaha.

  6. You look great in all these styles! I love the rockstar shag. I am SO not adventurous with my hair. I change it once every five years or so. I know - booooring!

  7. Love this post! So cool seeing your hair through the years. You look great in everything :)


  8. i love the rockstar shag with the bangs...but your ombre here rocks too especially with that bold lipstick. But i say you look pretty in any hairstyle!

  9. LOVE the ombre locks! I used to be very adventurous with my hair when I was younger, but now I've gotten a tad lazy on the hair front :s
    You suit the ombre definitely though x

  10. woooow i love the hair flashback.. and your new ombre hair is wicked. HIGH FIVE!!!
    im going neon on my hair soon. :D

  11. Super sassy and cute! I've been sticking with long layer for a few years and love it!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  12. Love the new look,definitely a wonderful change....Although your every styles looked wonderful :)

    ♥ Marta from With Love...



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