Tuesday, March 08, 2011

sooooo i'm pretty sure she's perfect...

so, i'm just gonna throw this out there... i'm pretty sure diane kruger is perfect. her beautiful face and mile long legs aside, she has such a killer fashion sense that i can barely stand it. she's my absolute favorite on the red carpet. her insane street style is unparalleled, in my own expert opinion. she looks effortless whether she's in a gown or in jeans. i love that. here are a few of my recent favorites. 
in azzaro
in chanel
in prada
in vionnet
in d&g
in giambattista valli
in gucci
in chanel

i love this lady. she's fearless in her fashion and i think that we should all take something from that. it's only clothes, why not be daring!? have fun!! try an insanely high hem with a great pair of nude pumps. or play with ladylike lengths and shapes mixed with a funky shoe. don't be afraid to let the dress be the center of attention, you don't always need to pile on accessories... some times simpler is better. 

okay okay, so i very obviously have a mondo fashion crush on diane kruger! so tell me, who's fashion makes you this happy!? doooooo you have a fashion crush?! do you love mrs. pacey witter* as much as i do!? and if you get that random dawson's creek reference, we might be destined to be bestest best friends...

*she and joshua jackson aren't actually married, i just think it's delightful that they are dating. they seem so normal and happy. i would want someone to call me mrs. pacey witter if i was dating him. just saying


  1. diane kruger was also perfect in Wicker Park.. what a movie that was!

  2. she is uber hawt! and love her fashion sense as well.

  3. I completely fell in love with her after watching her in Inglorious Basterds....SUCH a great actress. And shes married to Joshua Jackson (pacy witter!) who seems like a really great guy. Their relationship seems so real and un-Hollywood...probably because they`re Canadian and German....

  4. Gorgeous. Love your blog. So glad I'm following.

    Thanks for stopping by. Means a lot.

    Love, always
    Karoline Kalvo

  5. I have a crush on this woman. She is just so damn hot, and she can rock anything and look amazing.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  6. Her and Pacey are married?! No freaking way. I miss Dawson's Creek. Anyways, I agree, she is such a classic, ice blonde beauty!

  7. She is so beautiful, in such a natural way. Just a few weeks ago my bf was telling me how he would totally prefer Diane Kruger over Angelina Jolie and it pleased me. (It was in reference to a tabloid cover story about Diane having an affair with Brad or some crap like that, haha).

  8. I never knew Diane Kruger had so much style! My eyes are opened. I'm following you now, I hope you follow me too!

  9. Gorgeous! She does have amazing legs. And you can tell she loves fashion by her amazing, fierce outfits. xo style, she wrote

  10. I've always had a lady crush on Gwen Stefani because I want to rock that hard, lol...ska music style. But yes, kruger is amazing. I'd do her...and by "do" I mean hang out with and borrow her clothes.


  11. Like Like your blog! Follow you) Follow me?

  12. Definitely gorgeous and so Helen of Troy.

    I like her style and Michelle Williams has really been up there lately for me (her Oscar gowns have been so great!)

  13. I ADORE her. Especially in that little D&G minidress!
    xo Josie

  14. great pictures,,,love your blog...

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  15. Beautiful!!!

    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  16. She always wear beautiful dresses!


  17. I first fell in love with her in Wicker Park and now to fall in love with her on the red carpet as well. Awesome post x


  18. prada, gucci, vionnet, OH MY!!! love! i think i want her stylist ... if only the piggy bank big enough!

  19. I adore her! She's such a great actress! And she sealed the deal for me when I found out she spoke German! :)

    She has such effortless style!

    great blog!


  20. She's so beautiful - I love her sense of style, too.

  21. she always look gorgeous on red carpet! love 2nd&4th photo the most

  22. I love the fact that she dresses for fashion and isn't afraid to experiment on different styles and designs...
    joshua jackson and her make a great fashion couple definitely :)

    eclectic du jour



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