Sunday, March 13, 2011

a whoooole lotta leg...

the inspiration:

my take:
so, i wanted to unleash my inner sexy... it's so rarely unleashed that i thought it was only fair. and when i think of crazy hot starlets olivia wilde always comes to mind. hello super sexy!!! what i like best about this look is that it's easy/sexy. not complicated/sexy. i usually barely care enough to get out of sweatpants, so if i'm gonna glam i better be comfy. this look is great. the high neckline and longer sleeve makes the ridiculously short hemline less... well, skanky and the nude pumps just make your legs look 2,000 miles long. it's like they never end. the hair is simple and pulled back, makeup is easy and delicate. the accessories are beyond minimal. this look screams wear me. i wore a super old patterned forever21 dress that i am still in love with and my shoes are a steve madden pump. love. love. love. 

so tell me. did i nail the look? or not? would you rock this look? yes? no? what would you change? 

and if you dig this celebrity dress up make sure to check out my celebrity dress up archive!!!! so many celebrities, so little time. 


  1. a few things: 1) liv isn't looking too hot in that pic. 2) you are smokin' hot. 3) love love love this look on you, esp the pumps.

    love foreva -


  2. oohhh your dress is just as nice!

  3. Holy crap! LOVE this dress! =)

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  4. You have great legs! The gym and Tracy Anderson DVD's are doing you good! I love your dress too.

  5. you've got the most gorgeous legs. So pretty!

  6. your bFf thinks you are the sex..
    just had a great idea...what do you think about going a post w/ our necklaces while you are here. And we could do a make tutorial!

  7. you look afb - and i LOVE your appartment!

    xoxo from rome
    (there's a NEW give-away on my blog!)

  8. oooh la la ... she's got legs for days! love the look ... after I got over how great your legs look, i got a chance to admire your decor! :)

  9. oooh la la ... she's got legs for days! love the look ... after I got over how great your legs look, i got a chance to admire your decor! :)

  10. I love that dress. If I had gams like yours, I would wear short skirts and dresses every single day of the year!!

  11. You nailed the look, your legs look great!

  12. I think you look mych better than Olivia,really!Following you,follow me back?!

  13. I LOVE the look - but you have the legs to pull it off perfectly (and I love the dress, what a pretty violet).
    No, I wouldn't rock the look - I'm only five-one, and my legs just arent long enough. If I had the legs, like you, I totally would!

  14. Love it! The nude colored shoes make you legs look even longer!

  15. jesus i wish i had legs that long- way to rock it girl! at btw- love the red locker in the background- so cool!



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