Monday, April 25, 2011

tracy anderson is sorta my hero...

so,  who DOESN'T want g.palts super hot body!?!?! if you say you don't you are lying through your big lying mouth. her body is without a doubt spectacular and she says it's all because of one, tracy anderson. i'm sure you've heard her name before. i became interested in ta when i heard that she trained madonna. pretty impressive, right!?! so when g.palts started showing up to award shows in micro-mini's after she had her second child and said it was to do with tracy's "method" i immediately bought 2 of her dvds. her first mat and dance cardio dvds leave much to be desired, but when done consistently they definitely had a lovely effect on my rear end. but the dvds are long and boring, so i rarely busted them out... i ended up hitting the gym and trying the weight thing, which tracy says is a big no-no. i don't fully buy into the fact that women bulk when they lift weights... it's just not the case... but i do prefer the lean dancers body that ta promotes. since december-ish i have been seeing a trainer doing everything i can to make my thighs and butt tighter and higher. now, i loved my trainer lance, but while i am stronger i never really got the results that i wanted. so, i am sorta obsessed with her new program, it's genius!!! no trainer required.
so, tracy recently developed her "metamorphosis" program to help women target what area they need the most help in and then in 90 days help them achieve the perfect body. you chose from hip, glute, ab, or omnicentric body types. i chose the hip and i love it. the set consists of 4 dvds. 1 dance cardio that you use throughout the 90 days and 9 different muscular structure workouts which you change every 10 days. dude, i'm like 6 days in and it is crazy awesome. like i love this workout. the plan comes with a diet plan, but as strict of a vegan as i am, i am choosing not to follow it, but i fully believe that if done right this program can do brilliant things for your body and your confidence. i swear, no one is paying me to say anything kind about this program, i really just love it. maybe in a few months i'll be brave enough to show off my results ;)

**i wanted to add. the system runs 80 bucks or so, so it's not super cheap, but it is cheaper than 2 months of my former gym membership... and don't get me started on how much i spent on my darling trainer. so i think it's a brilliant investment.


sample arm exercise. hard as shit.

sample leg exercise. created for gwyneth herself.


  1. OMG I wish I had money for this!! I would give my right arm to have a body like Gwyneth's. I mean, I couldn't write or anything if that were the case, but hot damn I would look HOT!! Sigh.

  2. K, I've been wanting to read a blogger review on this so thanks for posting. I want to try it but it's expensive, right? But if I could look like Gwyneth Paltrow it would be worth it!

  3. let me know how this goes...i suck at working out at home. suck.suck.suck.

  4. Oooh awesome! I loove Gwyneth, but sadly I don't have the mental strength to make myself work out XD

  5. I definitely want Gwyneth's legs! I was totally looking at this series. Please let us know how you feel in a few weeks because I'd love to know if it's a good exercise plan!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  6. great! need to try!

    xoxo from rome
    (there's a GIVE_AWAY)

  7. It's a very good workout! More like zumba dancing which i have in my gym!Let me tell you , if you dance or kick boxing you have the same results toning the muscles and losing inches! Thanks for sharing! beijosss


  8. Tracy is amazing! i may need to check out this new method...sounds like it really works.

  9. I've done a couple of her videos -- she's SO hardcore but clearly does amazing work!
    xo Josie

  10. Oooo! Sounds like a smart investment indeed. Good luck lady, I'm sure you'll be looking even more gorgeous in no time! :)

  11. I heard alot about her on entertainment shows n such. she's an amazing trainer

  12. I totally love your blog! So I have an award to pass it to you! Check it out! beijosss i hope you like it!

  13. ok ok ... I'm HOOKED!!!! that arm workout looks intense!!
    now my hips can usually carry a tune .. but this might elevate me to so you think you can dance status!
    yes, please!!!



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