Wednesday, August 17, 2011

the fall wish list.

so, i have officially been the worst blogger ever, but i figure, sometimes it's a good thing to be too busy to blog. the hubs, the boys, and i have been truly enjoying time together in sunny california. it's been a very exciting time trying to figure out the giant new city we live in. we just had a slew of visitors and i'm finally slowing things down, so i thought i'd start with a fun little post about my must haves for the fall.

despite what i thought about california... that it was always sunny and never cold... i was very much mistaken. san diego gets quite chilly on a weekly basis... not that i'm complaining, but i definitely wasn't prepared for that. my family is from southern florida, so i'm not used to having to wear a hoodie to the beach. but i love it. i am so spoiled to living anywhere else. but i am so excited that fall/winter fashion will still get to make an appearance. here's my list, click on the photos to shop.

X oxfords
purchased from zappos, i got these puuurrrty nicole oxfords. i love the color. and i apologize if you want to buy them too... i think i bought the last pair... i can't find this color anywhere. i can't wait to wear these with rolled up skinny jeans and long flowing skirts. 

_ gingham shirt
i want this shirt... so bad. i know it's completely random, but i can't wait to mix and match it with other neutral patterns and leopard. oh yes, leopard... see below. 

_ leopard cardi
this cardigan is a freaking steal. it's only 25 bucks!! prints are so in for the fall and i love leopard print anything. 

X round sunnies
so, i have been coveting a pair of round glasses for quite some time now. these warby parker glasses are a genius deal and i love. love. love. the vibe of them. plus, money goes to a great cause. 

X new jeggings
i know it's not very exciting, but my pair of jbrand skinnies are literally falling apart... time to replace.
**i ended up purchasing a pair of gap jeggings. shockingly they look and feel just like j.brand... and they are about half the price**

_ skinny cords
i love the feel of skinny cords. especially in a great neutral color. 

_ rich brown bag
how perfect is the bag?!?! it's the most genius color for fall and the size is perfect because i need to downsize my life. 

so those are my must haves. what are coveting for the fall!?!?


  1. LOVE those Oxfords and the bag. Very perfect for fall. Yeah, southern Cali is so different than Florida, especially when it comes to the beaches. I lived on the gulf (Clearwater) for years and was spoiled by the warm water and hot nights as well. Going to the Pacific ocean where the water is freezing and the evenings are cold is a huge shock!

    I'm glad you're having fun in your new home though. :)

  2. Yes! Oxfords are a must for me for fall :)

  3. Love skinny jeggins and round glasses!
    Ask Erena

  4. I LOVE that leopard cardigan! Oh man, that would be such a perfect fall staple. It would be a good office-to-party kind of sweater!

  5. i am so in need of a new brown bag too!

  6. Gorgeous wishes!
    Love the leopard cardi!


  7. I want a leopard cardi too! The weather won't change here but a new bag and cardi would be great!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  8. ohh I'm in love with round sunnies right now too! I just bought a pair not too long ago haha been wearing them almost everyday :D love your picks hun!

  9. great pieces love the pants and the bag!

  10. You know what i love the most...The sunnies! Have a great weekend!


  11. Lovely blog darling! I can't wait to see how you enjoy fall fashion! I love all of your items especially the round sunglasses, oxfords, and skinny cords! :] I'm craving stripes this fall and fur!! And definitely python. I just bought a python camp sirt dress. It's to die for. :]
    Have a great week! Enjoy Cali!

  12. I know how it feels to be too busy to blog sometimes! I think everyone has those times! I love your list of must haves for fall!

  13. Everything about this post is perfection! And girl, when I went to San Fran, I was absolutely unprepared for how freaking cold it gets there at night - I feel your pain.
    Seriously, I love everything you posted, and now am finding myself needing a leopard cardi. Also, Joe's jeggings are AMAZING - I bought three pairs, just for when they started to fall apart.
    Loving your blog! xox



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