Friday, September 30, 2011

too much tv...

i suppose i should just come clean and let you know... i am not one of those super pretentious, newspaper reading, non-tv owning people. i am, in fact, the exact opposite. i live for television. preferably, good television but i have no shame in admitting that i dvr the real housewives of beverly hills, new jersey, and new york. i love rachel zoe, tabatha coffey, and anything else that bravo airs... but my real love is prime time tv. i have a few standards, but this season there are a ton of new shows and surprisingly i dig a few of them. i have a habit of picking shows that get the ax after 4 episodes, but i'm hoping some of my shows last this year. keep reading for my breakdown of fall tv.

my standbys. if you aren't watching these shows you are soooo missing out.
modern family. funniest show on tv. hands down the most ah-mazing and well casted sitcom EVER. every single person on the show is a genius. if you only watch one show this fall, this should be it!!!

happy endings. omg. love. this show has filled the scrubs shaped hole in my heart. the cast is young and fresh and the comedy is so spot on. it's quick and smart, trust me you will laugh. out. loud.

the mentalist. patrick jane is my hero. this is the best "crime-solving" show on tv. it's such a smart show. patrick is a "consultant" for the cbi and uses his unorthodox methods of observation and trickery to always catch the bad guy... the only one he can't catch is red john, a serial killer, who killed both his wife and daughter. dude. it's so good. simon baker is hilarious and the supporting cast is great. this show is definitely worth the netflix.

the vampire diaries. i know, i know. but let me tell you something. this show is like crack. cw crack. it doesn't hurt that the boys are cute. elena is a sweet innocent thing who along with her brother moves in with her aunt after her parents are killed in a car accident. the town, of course, is running rampant with vamps. stefan the kind hearted vampire falls desperately in love with her. while his angry and oh-so-much-hotter brother, damon, likes to kill folks for fun. well, lots of stuff happens... like you find out she's a doppleganger for a vampire that both damon and stefan fell head over heels for a billion years ago. that her parents weren't actually her parents. that angry damon is actually just sad, sweet, and heartbroken. that the mayor is a werewolf. and that an angry all powerful vamp-wolf needs to sacrifice elena to break his curse. then the love triangle. omg. the love triangle. the sexual tension is insane. if you dig vampires. you gotta at least give it a try.

dexter. ok, this is the reason i have showtime. this show is ah-mazing. dexter is a special dude. by day, he works as a blood splatter analyst for the miami pd. by night, he is a dark passenger carrying serial killer - serial killer. that's right. dexter's got issues. i know it sounds super morbid, but it really is fascinating and the writing is so well done. you are constantly on the edge of your seat waiting for more. it's probably my favorite show on tv. i will warn you, if you start watching the past seasons be prepared to waste days sitting in front of the tv. it's that good.

pretty little liars. the show is currently on their second season hiatus and will return in january. it's the perfect time to catch up... because you do not want to miss this show. it's fabulous. i've raved about it before here. but seriously, it's so intriguing and addictive. a year after their best friend alison goes missing, her body is found and the 4 remaining liars begin to receive mysterious texts, letters, etc from someone calling themselves A. A's involvement in the girls lives starts harmless, but very quickly escalates to dangerous and straight up evil. there are a ton of suspects which makes it even more difficult to figure out. so many secrets, so little time. you HAVE to know what's happening and you legitimately care for the characters. plus, the fashion. oh the fashion.

new shows i'm loving. 
revenge. ok, if you are needing a young, fresh, evening soap opera. then look no further. now hear me out. the show is done so well and understated that it complete intrigues without being cheesy. emily thorne moves to the glamourous hamptons with an agenda, revenge. when she was a child her life was torn apart when her father is arrested and taken from her forever. when emily discovers at age 16 that he was framed for a pretty gnarly terrorist attack by all of his hamptonite "friends" she is angry and ready to destroy some lives. with the boatload of cash he left her, she moves back into her childhood home with a new name and quickly gets to work exposing affairs, insider trading, etc. just watch one episode and you will probably want some more.

hart of dixie. i have to admit i wasn't expecting a single thing from this show, but i LOVE rachel bilson so i was completely excited. this show was so much fun. and bilson's wardrobe does NOT disappoint. zoe hart, a fast talking new yorker and a monster talented neurosurgeon, is passed over for an important fellowship and fate leads her to a small general practice in bluebell, alabama. she meets some interesting people and a friendly alligator. the boy is just beyond handsome and in a twist is, of course, engaged to the town mean girl southern belle. as a person from the south and the north, the culture shock makes for an adorable television experience. i really hope this lasts because i enjoyed watching.

a gifted man. i watched this show out of pure boredom and i was completely taken with it. michael holt is a play boy neurosurgeon who cares more about himself than anything, runs into the love of his life his ex-wife anna(played BRILLIANTLY by jennifer ehle) and spends an evening talking and reminiscing, even admitting to her that she was the best part of his life. the next day he is shocked to find out that anna has been dead for 2 weeks. whhhhaaaaa!?!? it's soooo good. michael starts to doubt his sanity, but anna keeps coming back asking for help for the small free clinic she was running... then he has a choice, ignore her or help... it's so good and funny in a weird way, but mostly it's just so powerful to get to watch him change from a hard self-centered man to a better person... and dude, even if it sucked patrick wilson is so hot. so so hot.

the new girl. who's that girl!? it's JESS!! this might be the cutest show ever. zooey deschanel is so freaking perfect for the role. jess finds out that her boyfriend is a big fat cheater and seeks out a new living arrangement. she moves in with 3 dudes, who basically allow her to move in because she has model friends. jess watches dirty dancing a lot, is constantly singing, references the lord of the rings... it's hilarious, complete with a doucebag jar and sexy farm girls. i mean, i can't stress enough it's so funny.

new shows i still haven't made up my mind about. 
ringer. sarah michelle geller returns to the cw. it should be a no brainer and rock my socks... but it's just okay. swg plays twins bridget and siobhan. both with sorted pasts. bridgett is a stripper/prostitute who witnesses a murder and in exchange for her testimony will have charges against her dropped. well, the day before the trail she gets scared and flies the coup. she runs to her sister, siobhan who is an upper east side socialite and just so happens has never mentioned to a soul that she has a twin sister. the two go on a boat ride. bridget passes out and when she wakes up siobhan is gone, killed herself... um, hey bridg have you never seen sleeping with the enemy. well, of course, siobhan left her wedding rings... so bridget decides that she should just pretend to be her sister. oh god. so she enters siobhan's crazy life and finds that people were after siobhan too. and then, gasp, we find out that siobhan is alive and living in paris... oh dear. the green screen work is terrible and it just gets soooo cheesy, but at the same time you do sorta want to know what's going. not sure.

the playboy club. i really like this show, i do, but it's still not completely sold me yet. amber heard plays bunny maureen who on one of her first days manages to get sexually assaulted by a mob boss, who she happens to kill with her stiletto. drama, drama, drama. nick, eddie cibrian, a former mob clean up guy helps maureen dispose of the body and then is caught by his girlfriend/bunny mother carol-lynne, who assumes he is cheating. so there's that story-line... there's a bunny who's secretly married and on the run from her crazy hubs. there's a chocolate bunny looking to be the first black real estate mogul. there's a happily married bunny who's actually a leader in gay and lesbian underground community... so basically it's really interesting... i think i am just worried it will be canceled... it's pretty fun.

unforgettable. carrie wells remembers everything... i mean everything. she's one of the rare few who can remember everything from any day, any year... she actually can't forget. after a neighbor is murdered, her ex-boyfriend requests her help and then, of course, she is the star detective. cause that's how it works. right!?!? the show offers a fun twist of crime dramas, but when she is "remembering" things and she goes back and watches what she saw... it's soooooooo cheesy. i mean so freaking cheesy. but there is an interesting story line involving carrie as a child, she is still trying to solve her sisters murder and that is the reason i will watch again.

person of interest. yes, another crime drama. but this one is like law and order meets big brother meets wanted. it's way too confusing to explain to you, but basically it stars michael emerson(ben linus from lost) and jim caviezel(jesus). and jesus kicks ass. basically a computer system churns out social security numbers of people... these people are either going to be victims, or maybe involved in a crime... or something. they don't know. they just follow these people and try and deduce why they are people of interest... the action is brilliant, but i fear it lacks staying power... i'll try again... one more time.

new shows that suck
pan am. omg. stewardess that kick ass. no thanks. it was cheesy and melodramatic... did i mention it was cheesy!? the girls are super cute, but the show had nothing to grab you and make you want to watch more. spy flight attendants do nothing for me. the music made me believe that something super important was about to happen every 5 minutes... it didn't. i'd pass.

2 broke girls. dear lord. 3 minutes of this dry show complete with laugh track is more than enough to decide it lacks staying power. i love kat dennings, but it was so bad. the writing isn't terrible, but it moved sooooo slow that i felt like it took a few ambien before it came on. and the horse? what the hell is with the horse? no bueno.

whitney. this show is performed in front of a live studio audience. oh dear god. it was not good. i dig whitney cummings, she's hilarious but this show was possibly the cheesiest thing ever and the constant laughter doesn't help. some of it could actually be really funny but the laughing is so distracting that i couldn't stand it. we changed it before the first commercial break.
charlie's angels. holy shitty dialogue batman. this was like if alias decided to be awful. these 3 are not what you would call "believable" and the acting, story, writing is all sub-par. i mean, really it's terrible. but i can't get beyond the writing it is so cheesy, but then the filmmaking looks all michael mann documentary style... it totally doesn't fit. pretty girls. crappy tv.

that's my giant tv guide for fall tv. what shows are you loving? hating? do you agree with my picks? let me know? happy watching!!!


  1. Thanks for giving me the lo down, lol. I don't get to watch too much TV and I am hella jealous of your DVR, bitch.

  2. I thought New Girl was adorable. And I really enjoy Playboy Club. It wasn't as sleazy as I thought it was going to be, which was a pleasant surprise.

    I agree, Pan Am takes itself waaay too seriously. I wasn't very impressed.

    On the other hand, I did like Two Broke Girls (mostly because I think it has potential). Did you know it is a Whitney Cummings show as well? She created and produced it. But I agree, her standup is so much better! I wish her shows had the same magic. And yeah, new Charlie's Angels sucks big time. I was disappointed.

    Despite the bad eggs, I feel like tv had a really good fall season! I like seeing shows like these, rather than reality shows...

  3. Haha my roommate loves television. Funny post.

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