Sunday, October 02, 2011

home sweet condo. part 2. where the magic happens.

so, i have news. it's not awesome... well i'm hoping it will be awesome, but right now it just doesn't seem awesome... i've already said awesome too many times in this blog. we are... wait for it... moving. bloody hell. that's right, the hubs is transferring to a base north of where we currently are... and because i actually like to see my husband, we have decided to move... AGAIN. dear sweet lord. i'm really hoping this will be the last move for a few years. fingers crossed. we will be in our current place until january so i thought i would at least show you the decorating we have done so far... then in january we can start all over. hang head in shame.

this is the bedroom. not a lot going on... yet. it's a box, but has a really interesting hallway. our window looks right onto the coronado bridge, well it did, now you have to look through the construction to see it. drum roll please.............for my bedroom revamp keep reading past the break :)

wrestlemania starring ham-skull and danger-frank.
so, there we have it. it is very much a work in progress. i was planning on hanging a grouping of pictures on bo's side of the bed. we were also going to make an art piece for over the hamper. the right side of the tv, which i very cleverly left out of the photos, is over the dogs beds and we were planning on having cartoon paintings of our dogs painted... so, we still might do some of this stuff, but since we aren't sure of the kind of space we will be moving to we've decided to put all projects on hold and just save, so we can pimp out the new place :) but what do you think so far? headed in the right direction? 

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  1. You are definitely heading in the right direction! Your new place looks fabulous. I love the decorations you have up so far, especially that cute lamp. I love your bedspread as well. Good luck with it all! xoxo



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