Thursday, October 27, 2011

misses know it all...

what has gotten into my girl kelly clarkson!?!?! she is promoting her latest album, stronger, which is ah-mazing and she is looking ah-mazing in wait for it... high heels!? i love this girl. LOVE. when i was a freshman in college i literally went up and down the halls of my dorm room with pieces of paper with her idol number on them and basically begged my hall mates to call in... i assured them it was a matter of life or death... i mean, have you heard her sing "don't play that song!" it's unbelievable, like aretha awesome and if she lost to justin guiowgwoi* no idea* it would've been tragic. since then i went to an idol concert, a kelly/clay concert, every single one... i mean, i'm dedicated. my friend gina and i are totally kelly groupies. this chick is the real effing deal. she is out-of-control talented and she is normal, i love any celeb that can keep it real and their feet planted firmly on the ground. i just wanna have a beer and shoot the shit with her because she seems so easy to talk to... oh and kelly if you are reading, please put out a blues album. i will buy a hundred thousand copies if necessary ;) okay not really, but i would love it. on to bid-ness... kelly's style evolution has definitely had some miss-steps, but why linger on the past, mama is rocking a new sassy attitude complete with skin tight dresses and sky high heels. i mean, boo is looking fierce. i'm so used to seeing her run around stage barefoot that these shoes are just cah-razy... anywho if you want to see sassy kelly's new look click below to keep on reading!!!!

listen to some goodness, then buy it here

i mean, come on, right!?!? she is looking so fabulous. i just love all the little dresses and the genius bangs. she is such a kick ass performer and i'm pretty sure a kick ass person. can't wait for her to go on tour! whaa whaaaaaa!!

**i feel like i should note, after kelly... i only watched the idol season with clay aiken, who i love. yes. i know. she ruined me for other idols. haha**

so tell me are you a kelly super fan?!? have you bought the cd? whatcha think? will you buy the new cd? talk to me people. 


  1. im just as obsessed! kelly is so real, so genuine and i love that! The vocals on that girl bring me to tears. Im from the same part of town as her...ive only seen her once ever ....she came into borders in fort worth where i worked and bought a huge stack of cd's....just like that no big deal! love it!



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