Saturday, October 08, 2011

product love... spot removers.

so i decided since i am absolutely obsessed with all thing "beauty" that i should share my plethora of knowledge. letting you in on my absolute favorite products. first, i thought i'd venture into the world of skin care and share with you... drumroll....... my very favorite spot removers. both are a. cheap and b. effective. two of my favorite words when dealing with friggin pimples. ugh. hate. pimples. keep reading for my favorite zit zapping products.

1. origins super spot remover. i have been using origins spot remover for years and thought that i was picking up my normal stuff at the store and turns out it was "SUPER" spot remover. omg. it is super. it is gentle and doesn't cause too much flaking. put it on pre-zits and i swear that they will never become the monsters that they were intending on becoming. put it on a formed zit and that bitch will dry up before you have the chance to shed your first acne induced tear. this stuff rocks. the only down side is you really can't put makeup over it. it just cracks and makes the spot more noticeable. so i prefer to wear it sans makeup. if you have to wear makeup i suggest applying it after your makeup.

2. happy me skincare overnight pimple eliminator. now this stuff is brilliant. it smells funny and will definitely do zero good things for your sex life,  but it is hella good at getting rid of pimples. it's all natural and contains sulfur, zinc oxide, tea tree oil... and it's pretty much awesome. the formula reminds me of sonya dakar's spot remover, but at 9 dollars a bottle it's a lot cheaper and i think, more effective. the only problem that i have found is that the product dries up before you can use the whole bottle.

*now for super zit busters. i layer these two. put origins on first and let dry then follow with "the white dots" as my husband calls them... and yes, he knows not to touch me when i've got the white dots going on.*

hope that helps. have you ever tried either product? do you have a favorite zit clearing product?


  1. yes! thanks for sharing. i've been having a few problematic sections of the ole face and it's annoying as hell!

  2. I want to try that Origins one. I have a simple way to get rid of a pimple: put calamine lotion on it at night to reduce the swelling and then wipe it off in the morning and put honey on it. Works like a charm!



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