Tuesday, October 18, 2011

really!? is this a big deal!?!?

whilst perusing though my daily fashion reads, i stumbled upon a refinery29 article asking how young is too young to wear a bikini? and i thought, this must be a frigging joke. the picture above accompanied the article... it's from a line called babi-kini... and i have to admit that this particular cut of bathing suit is a little perverse for an infant, but people were outraged in general by the idea of a baby in a bikini... something i, personally, find absolutely adorable. it's a baby, they run around freaking naked?! i mean, an adorable little bikini... is just that, adorable. we aren't talking thongs and push-up tops here people. why must everything be such a debate? i just hate that even dressing your kid for the beach is drama filled... some commenters said that as a baby it's fine to wear a bikini, but after that not until they are at least 17 or 18... what!?! what is so completely wrong with america that everything has to either be teaching young girls to have an eating disorder or that she's over-sexualized object... just because she is wearing a bikini? maybe it's that my parents are italian, or that they grew up in southern florida in the 70's, but showing skin just really isn't a big deal... i don't have children, so perhaps that's why i see a complete lack of issue with this topic, but it just seems silly. it reminds me when everyone was up in arms that suri cruise was wearing heels... i just don't see how that is relevant to the raising of a child... if they want to wear heels, let them. if they want to wear a bikini, i see no reason not to allow them... if you teach your kids how to handle themselves and respect who they are, whether it's an ugly one piece you make them wear or a tasteful bikini, you won't have anything to worry about.

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  1. I agree with you. No need for everyone else to get so worked up!



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