Wednesday, November 23, 2011

breaking down breaking dawn...

okay, already i know that there are going to be super haters... and to them i say SCRAM!!!! these books/movies were not made for the masses, they were made for a certain type of person... a person who day dreams, a person who loves all things nerd, a person whose imagination always gets the better of them... i am all of these things... bella is a girl who, while being awkward and uncool, is destined for more than her small life. she's beautiful and strange... the people who love these movies were never the popular people... or if they were they were always harboring some super nerd tendencies. we all want to be bella... that's why these books are fascinating... not because it's a genius story or even particularly well written. it's a fantasy that we all want to be apart of... we want the beautiful/perfect/dangerous boy to fall in love with us...
k.stew at the la premiere in j mendel

enough of that... i have found good and bad things with every twilight film, but i didn't have as many negatives as i expected with bd. it was my least favorite book, but the movie pleasantly surprised me. the film was the first that really showed bella and edward in love... no brooding(at least for the first half of the movie) just a couple in love. it was refreshing. the wedding was absolutely stunning. and the dress. holy crap the dress. carolina herrera outdid herself. it was insane. i was very surprised at the scandalously low back. the honeymoon was equally beautiful, brazil is freaking stunning. once again, i loved seeing how comfortable the happy cullens were... they were so cute and funny. gasp. i know, twilight movies are never funny!! and then the sex... oh, vampire sex. i thought the baby making scenes were good, not great. it was still pretty risque when i think about how little it was actually discussed in the book. the bed breaking was ah-mazing. but of course, with bed breaking comes demon baby... now this was the main reason i hated the book... oh geez... but honestly i sort of loved it in the movie. watching bella waste away was heartbreaking and kristen stewart really upped her acting game. enter the wolves, my main problem in the film... bad acting. bad acting all around. the wolves, of course, must destroy the demon baby before it can harm anyone. therefore jacob separates from the pack to protect bella and her vampire spawn. note to all: the cgi wolves talk... and it does not sound good. i could not stop laughing. glad that didn't last long. back to the good stuff. bella looks a hot friggin mess and i have to say that the birthing scene was the main reason i enjoyed this movie... it was disgusting and messy and gory. exactly as it was supposed to be. this movie has more blood than the previous 3 combined. LOVED IT. it was also gut wrenchingly sad, watching edward try to pump her chest over and over... sigh. there is a ton that i am leaving out... awful score, wolf/vampire fights. imprinting(stupid), blood in a sippy cup... but the basic gist is that if you love twilight, you will love the movie...
at the london premiere in roberto cavalli

breaking dawn in a hurry.
*as melodramatic and cheesy as ever. 
*great to see bella and edward happy for a change. 
*they had a genius wedding planner.
*vampire sex.
*wolves are terrible actors.
*wolves shouldn't talk.
*birthing scene is perfect.
*imprinting is gross.

So that's my take on the film. what about you?! what did you think!!?!? which is your favorite movie so far? why!? isn't kristen stewart kicking ass on the red carpet!?! such a girl crush on her!!


  1. i love that you thought it was much more gory than the other movies. that will give it some edge. i might watch this when it comes out on redbox.

    i heard those talking cgi wolves were pretty bad...hopefully they decided not to continue with that in the last movie.

  2. I love all the films but have not read the books. I cannot wait to see BD, but I have absolutely no one to go with. It's so sad. I might just wait to netflix it...



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