Wednesday, November 30, 2011

do you drybar!?!!?

so as we all know, i went to ball... we also know that i looked FAB-ulous!!! now, i have to admit, i was not responsible for my diva updo, based on molly sims' brilliant wedding hair and a chic bun worn by kate bosworth. when my bFf showed me the pics of what she thought i should do, i was pretty sure that would never be able to pull it off on my own. then surprise!!! my darling dear surprised me with a uptini(updo) courtesy of the good people at drybar in san diego! yes, my bFf is better than yours! have you every heard of drybar!?! it's a brilliant concept, their tag line "no cuts. no color. just blowouts." says it all. it's literally a bar to get a blowout and they also do updos. no matter how much hair you have all blowouts are only 35 bucks. sounds good to me. 

i had a pleasant experience, it seems that customer service is very important with the drybar crew... which as a former customer service rep is always a good thing in my book. the employees were eager to offer me a beverage and magazine. the styling was quick and well done, thanks michelle. no complaints from this girl. i'd definitely go back for a cosmopolitan blow out ;) 
 gettin' all dolled up by michelle at drybar
taa-daa!!! the finished look
full body shot

so, have you ever been to drybar!? is yes, how often do you get blowouts!? if no, why not? price, time, etc!?!?


  1. Oh my freaking god. You look like AUDREY HEPBURN!!! I love it!!

    And that dress and those earrings: so delightfully vintage-ish. Sigh.

    I envy you, Lauren.

    And now I'm pissed because I want to drybar but I don't think they make house calls to Missouri.


  2. Wow, you look SO pretty! I love the hair. Also, really like the dress, such a pretty color!

    Really stunning look. Bet you had a great time!



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