Monday, November 21, 2011

the prince is giving a ball...

how many grown adults get to go to balls?!?! it's great... sort of. I love, just as much as any other girl, to put on a beautiful dress and feel ah-mazing... but there is something about formal military functions that instantly instill fear into my soul... you want to be appropriate without being boring... you want to stand out without looking like you are trying too hard. there are a ton a freaking rules. boo. i hate rules.
*disclaimer. my husband is not a porn star nor is he a pedophile... he is indeed supporting movember, yes that's right... for the month of november he will rock this moustache in the hopes that you will donate money to prostate cancer research. a great cause... an ugly stache... go here to support him!!!
i bought my dress a few years ago at dillards of all places. it's a bcbg and it was seriously on sale. i thought the look and color were perfect for this season. my bFf abigail pretty much styled the rest... she could seriously open her own jewelry store. she sent the beautiful earrings and the citrine ring on my left hand. the house of harlow peacock ring was a b-day present from one of my favorite people in the world. abigail suggested hair, makeup, and nail polish(essie burgundy)... girl knows her formal wear so i obliged. the hair was totally out of my comfort zone, but it was a hit and really worked with the gown. the makeup was a red-ish smokey eye with a lovely nude lip... i felt pretty fabulous!!!

so what do you think!? did i rock it out at the ball!? do get the opportunity to dress up often!? if so, how do you go about choosing your look?


  1. Haha I love Movember! It's so funny.

    And your dress and hair are soooo pretty!

  2. You two look great together! And you look so beautiful, that color is great on you. And thats awesome that it is BCBG! I went to the marine corp ball once with my best friend and my parents. Haha. My dad was in the marine corp. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  3. You look soooo pretty!!! :D I never get to dress up, sadly, ha ha

  4. You totally rocked it! The bust and the colour and how it drapes from under the bust... gorgeous. The husband disclaimer... haha, awsum. Thanks for visiting my blog. You have a new follower, would love it if you followed back.xx

  5. Love your dress and you and your hubby look super cute! The dress color is amazing and glamorous! You look beautiful :) I have a similar dress! Check out my blog darling :)xoxo

  6. You somehow remind me of Jane Austen's heroines... all dolled up with serious bling! Love this look. ♥

  7. You look lovely and the color of the dress is gorgeous. I never heard of Movember but it rocks!

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