Thursday, December 22, 2011

who looked cuter than you last week... holiday edition

so, i've had a hard time being consistent on this here blog... but i thought i could give all of the 10's of people who visit the blog a post, so this is my sorta christmas blog... half-assed. maybe. fun and fashionable. you bet.
 my causal pick. you all know my disdain for all things kardashian, but the oldest k undoubtedly has the best fashion sense of the bunch and i love her jacket, her hat, the boots, etc. basically i think this outfit is brilliant. perfect for a cas christmas party or doing some fashionable last minute present shopping. that reminds me, i can't wait to see what you all got me!!!!
well if it isn't our favorite serial dater... i mean seriously, penn, leo, ryan, and ryan!?!? anywho, i can't speak to her acting talent unless you count the traveling pants movies and elvis and annebelle, but sans stylist blake lively has an ah-mazing sense of style. i love that this gucci holiday look is bright and shiny without being sparkly. the skirt is beyond. 
 omg. can't wait for mission impossible!!!! such an action movie junkie... plus paula patton is like beyond hot. she's super hot and this naeem khan gown is out-of-control. i adore the big sexy hair, smokey eye, and those legs... jealous. i'm obsessed with her louboutin's. i love an angry shoe. 
 it's my twin... i wish people would hire me the way they hire her... perhaps i should work on my opera pipes, or not. any way emmy rossum has really upped her fashion game in the past year and this naven frock is the perfect holiday attire. the color is genius on her super pale skin. it just lights up. her makeup is flawless. want this dress.
 hi viola davis, you're a genius. and this dress is unbelievable. the color, omg, the color. it's not your typical holiday jewel tone, but i love this color on her. the leather detail at the neckline is cah-razy good. and her hair is sooooo spot on. the look feels festive and fun. i would totally rock this dress. 

so, what do you think? did these celebs indeed look cuter than you last week? challenge it!?!? i wore sweatpants exclusively, so i'm gonna say they def had me beat!!!! 

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  1. Fab choices! And yes, they all looked way hotter than I ever did in 2011! Haha!

    I especially love Paula's dress. She wears it like a glove and it looks stunning on her. She's gorgeous in general. I didn't even know she existed until MIGP. Has she been in anything else?!?

    I hope you had a fantastic NYE! xoxo



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