Friday, January 13, 2012

product love... nude nails.

i am obsessed with the new crop of nude polishes. they come across so chic and stylish on a short, round nail. i feel like it just screams glamour. for winter pairing nudes on your fingers with deep navys and plums on your toes is super sexy. and for the spring and summer mixing them with oranges and hot pinks is just beyond chic. to check out my favorite shades keep reading after the break...

this essie color, eternal optimist, has lovely pink undertones. it's a girly nude, that will never go out of style.
this revlon color, gray suede, is a gray nude with a touch of shimmer. it looks delicate and pretty and the touch of shimmer makes it great for a cocktail party or night out.
this color is ah-mazeballs. it's sally hansen salon manicure in malt. it's brilliant. i get compliments whenever i wear this. plus, the formula and brush are better than most "designer" polishes.
this is another sally hansen. petal pushers is a great light, delicate nude. it looks very pretty with a decidedly modern touch. plus, it's dry in like a minute.


  1. I love nude nails so thanks so much for picking out some good shades! I've picked up a couple recently that looked good in the bottle, but not so much once painted on!

  2. Haha I'm not kidding three days ago, my mom came back from the salon with her nails painted nude. I asked her why she got a nude color this time and she snapped back, "everyone knows nude is in right now." I was like huh and now I'm seeing this post. :P Weeeeird!

    I hope you have a great weekend, Lauren! xo

  3. Helen got a super cool home system for applying gel polish (you should check it out--it's called gelish), so thanks to her, i'm sporting a shimmery nude shade on my fingertips.

  4. gel nail polish I am intrigued, So I have decided I love your blog Lauren. I am so out of the loop that I did not even know nude nail polish was in. I may not follow the trend (I love my blue nail polish too much) but at least now I know :)This is Courtney btw lol



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