Sunday, January 15, 2012

she wore whaaaa!!??!

so, this is a special post for the top 6 stinkers of the evening... oooOOOOooooo, they were so bad.
yikes, piper perabo. holy lord. what on earth are you wearing!?!? it's like a giant, tan, sheer garbage bag... and whatever honey is injecting in her face is aging her big time... she's such a pretty girl and this look is killing me. piper, fire the stylist. awful.
so, this is jessica chastian. if you aren't familiar with her work you should be, she is going to be the next mega actress. she is brilliant and usually well dressed, but there is nothing good about this givenchy gown. it makes a very tiny person, look... dare i say... dumpy. the hair and neckline just scream 80's. no ma'am.  
ahhhhh, buffy what the crap!?? smg is wearing marchesa and looks like cinderella on acid... and since when do we match our eyeshadow to our dress!? she is so cute and this just looks completely nutty...
what the bloody mother hell is going on here!?!? um, so zooey is absolutely the cutest person in existence, but this prada gown is disgusting. i can't find a single thing nice to say about this... i look forward to not looking at it anymore.
wowzas. so this is hottie that landed j.timberlake? color me confused. i don't get it... jessica biel is absolutely beautiful. flawless hair. flawless skin. as far as i can tell she is wearing a dress from bette white's alternates... it looks frumpy and if you look really hard it looks like she has a third boob. so much bad. 
oh madge. first, i hope to look like madonna when i'm 78 years old... or whatever she is, but this reem acra gown is just crazy-town from the waist down. and come on, the giant cross and the gloves? surely madonna has people reminding her that it's not 1987 anymore... you'd think?

who do you think was rocking the worst fashion at the golden globes!? are my choices spot on or what!?!?


  1. I agree with you on all of these!

  2. you nailed it! these gowns were pretty fowl but nothing made my eyes burn completely.... :)

  3. i really like the silhouette of piper perabo's dress from the side. i think it was a just a bad choice of fabric. and maybe seaming.
    i wanted to like zooey d's dress, b/c i heart all things zooey d, but it looks like a reptilian alien is taking over her body. buffy the vampire slayer said she let her kid pick out her dress . . . which might explain a lot.



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