Thursday, January 12, 2012

what's the big deal with rooney mara!?

so, i'm confused. i get that rooney mara went crazy method transforming from your average preppy white girl to this "bad ass" by cutting her hair, piercing things, and dying her eye brows blonde... but i have to say, she got paid boat loads to do it... and if i'm not mistaken noomi rapace already did all of that in the successful swedish version. any who, i'm not trying to hate on mara as far as i can tell she talented and is just a pawn in all of this. her stylists are going wild with her and people are going cah-razy. personally, i think she's simply wearing things that tilda swinton would wear... she's just younger and, arguably more attractive. swinton has long been a big name among the avant-garde and fashion elite, i think the fashion world is forgetting how brilliant fashion can be because a pretty girl is wearing contrived "modern" fashion. i'm also not saying that her fashion is bad, i quite like it, i'm just bothered by how mesmerized everyone seems to be with her style when her point of view is not particularly new or different.

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okay, so maybe i just drank too much hateraid this morning, but am i completely off base? or are folks making a wee bit too big of a deal over mara's threads? what do you think!??!


  1. Oh my no.

    You are so, so right. I'm not the biggest fan of Rooney right now b/c I think the Swedish chick does a lot better job at playing the dragon tattoo girl. But let's be real, if someone offered me the gig, I wouldn't pass it up, lol. So who can blame her.

    BUT. These outfits. I don't understand why she would wear them...?



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